I can do this! (Q2 in the Finish-A-Long)

I just love how this Modern Butterfly quilt is turning out (ok, actually I’m not completely happy with the gray block over there on the right, but as a whole the quilt works.  And those little imperfections make it more interesting, say I.)  At 11 pm EDT on April 2 when the Q1 finishes were due, I had the backing almost sewn together, so it just needs to be trimmed and bound! This is officially my oldest WIP, from when I started this blog way back in 2013 and my first online quilt bee group.
Modern Butterfly assembly complete

And I’ll put the Sugar Block Club quilt up again for this quarter, from 2014.
layout jan 9 2016 sbc

And to keep the momentum going, I’ll finish the En Provence quilt, about 45″ square.

Honestly, I think two quilts is enough for me for a quarter (I wish I could quilt faster, but definitely I need to do a lot of gardening in the spring).

How about some smaller projects?

Allietare floor pillow, needs to be quilted and assembled.
Allietare floor pillow (top)

Christmas leftovers placemats, quilting and binding needed.

Needlebook — I managed to lose mine last year, I had made the mistake of taking it to the doctor’s office and I think it slipped out of my coat pocket when I left.  I’m going to be extra fancy and have a few different sections for my different needles.  I really liked using one.  I’m thinking of using the dumpling pouch pattern, or perhaps this one. I picked up this sweet embroidered napkin at the thrift store for a project last summer.

I’ve been itching to do some garment sewing, and (strangely) this lovely Heather Ross lawn found its way into my shopping cart recently, so I’ll plan to get this shirt–or something similar–made as well.

lawn fabric heather ross

Let me know if you are linking up too so I can come by and visit! Linking up to the global hosts for Q2.


  1. I think I made the aqua block second row from the top, far left ; )
    They look great!

    1. When I do the final post, I’m going to make sure I match up the makers to the blocks. Just need to pick a binding fabric now!

  2. These are all great projects Lisa! Have fun working on them.

    1. These and as always a few others…

  3. Goodness, there is a lot of yum here! I’m totally digging your En Provence quilt! And I want to make a shirt from that exact same print from Sleeping Porch! Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I just need to keep going and make steady progress!

  4. Look at you! Garments, too! And I seriously can’t figure how you could have a problem with any of those blocks in the top quilt! Good luck on your finishes! Spring/summer definitely have a way of cutting into the sewing time, don’t they!

  5. You have some pretty quilts to work on for the quarter – good luck. I love the blouse pattern and fabric you have is really awesome for it. I used to only make clothes for years before starting quilting, and they still call to me. Blouse B is really calling to me. But I must resist.

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