Leftovers pillow finish 

A visit to our shared ownership cottage this past weekend allowed a little handwork so I was able to finish the binding on my Grand Illusion Leftovers pillow.   This was a goal on my Q1 Finish-a-long list, as well as a goal this week with To-do Tuesday.

Along with that, I progressed the assembly of 4 sets of my Modern Butterfly blocks, which were quilted one block at a time.  I don’t think this will make it for another finish this quarter, it just takes me too long to get all the hand sewing (which will include the binding) done.  

As for Allietare, no progress on that.  Oh well.  

I’m currently planning out my list for Q2, I would really like to get another big quilt done, I’m thinking about my Sugar Block quilt (yes, it has been a goal before).

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  1. Love that pillow! Yay for a finish! That’s a lot of hand sewing on the sets of Modern Butterfly blocks that you’ve already assembled. Way to go! It’s really looking fantastic as it is coming together. I hope you enjoyed your time at the cottage!

  2. That green binding sure adds a nice pop to your pillow! I hope the rest of your handwork projects go well for you. That butterfly quilt is so pretty!

  3. Great finish with your pillow. You’re making progress with the butterflies though. You’ll get it finished soon enough.

  4. Congratulations on a great finish! I believe some pillows are in my future! Thank you for the inspiration!

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