There’s a calendar on the wall in the kitchen, where we note doctor appointments, violin lessons, and which babysitter is booked.  One month at a time, we track the important activities which affect the daily routine of the family (and I was still 45 minutes late for my physio appointment last week).

I have an electronic calendar at work, booking me into blocks of time (and yes, I am free at 11, but my previous appointment is in a different building, so please excuse me if I’m 10 minutes late.  I have been very vocal about finishing meetings 10 minutes early, now I just have to get 100 or so people to do the same and it’ll be a trend!)

And now I have a Quilter’s Planner.  Following the January challenge on Instagram, I set it up with projects and to-do lists, but then it sat neglected for a month.  So I decided to at least use it to journal my quilting projects and activities  Each note helps me feel satisfied about the progress I make.

I’m not generally a list maker, although I keep lists in my head, but having learned project management through the years (and I even have the Project Management Professional designation) I know some good techniques for breaking down projects into manageable tasks.


Finished Christmas placemats

So let me share the success I had this week.  Last Tuesday, I linked up to To-Do Tuesday with my goals for the week and I got them all done! So with the ambition of keeping that streak alive, here are my goals for this week:

-Finish binding Christmas leftovers pillow (I decided to quilt it using whatever quilting motif was listed for the week, which ended up to be swirls.  I got a few tucks in the straight line quilting on the border, but I’m not ripping it out.)

choosing quilting motifs from my Quilter's Planner
Tucks in quilting

-Join Modern Butterfly (Simply Solids Bee) blocks (this requires hand sewing the backing at each seam, so it’s not super-fast)


-Quilt Allietare top

(you may remember that all of these are on my Q1 Finish-A-Long list, it’s almost the end of the quarter you know!)

Linking up to To-Do Tuesday with Christine at Stitch All the Things and Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts for Let’s Bee Social.



  1. Congrats on a successful week! I do like the feeling of accomplishment as I get to check projects off my list. Your pretty butterflies are going to make a nice quilt!

  2. Your butterflies are beautiful. Good luck with the planning and staying on top of things.

  3. Great idea changing it up as you go! I’m so glad you got your list done last week! Woot Woot!

  4. Yay for being able to complete your list last week! I hope you are having a successful week this week as well! I try not to be hard on myself when I don’t finish though and need to adjust my list accordingly. I’m always happy with any progress, no matter how big or small!

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