Working Backwards

While I had the tutorial open for a zippered pillow back (covered zip tutorial from Adrienne at On The Windy Side), i thought I would make the back for my leftovers Christmas cushion (on my Finish a long list for this quarter).  I didn’t have enough of one Christmas fabric so I used the two largest pieces I had.

Next i went back to what I had of pieces left over.  Hmm, definitely more than enough.  Oh that’s right,  I said I would get bonus points for making a placemat or two.

First up, the pillow, to make a nice big 26″ square floor pillow.

supposed to be border pieces

supposed to be border pieces

Next, 2 placemats. There is one more in progress but the picture was out of focus, and I’d like to make a fourth. That red and white dot makes my eyes cross, but I don’t hate it enough to rip it out.
leftovers placemat

leftovers placemat

Leftovers placemat 2

Leftovers placemat 2

Ta da!  Next step is the quilting. And to add to the scrappiness, I spent tonight piecing batting. Well, it’s free then! I like to ensure my overage is about 3″ on a full size quilt–those 3″ strips get sewn together into sections big enough for placemats or pillows.

Linking up (just in time) to Leanne at She Can Quilt for Scraptastic Tuesday.



  1. Might as well be scrappy inside and out ! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

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