Roundabout – Q1 in the Finish A Long

Hurray for another round of the global finish a long!  I’ve been working away on my longstanding works in progress and have decided on goals for this quarter.   Some are recycled from last quarter as usual.

    Starlight, Stardark quilt

Quilting is in progress, this is achievable. And a bonus shot of some of the fun quilting I have done

star light, star dark quiltquilting progress

    Allietare pillow

No progress last quarter, this is a smaller project for this quarter.

    Grand Illusion leftovers pillow

Every good Christmas has leftovers right? It would be good to get this finished up and the leftovers gone. Bonus points if i make a placemat or two too,  i think i have enough. I have to fix that oops though.
Pillow from Grand Illusion leftovers and an oops!

    Modern Butterfly quilt – wild card

At this point I only have one block left to quilt, then assemble the 16 blocks. So i think I’ll give this a try for Q1. This is the last block, go to this post to see the other 15.

modern butterfly last block

And in case you are wondering, I did not get to 60″ on my glamp stitchalot quilt as I pledged last quarter, however the hexie round at 36″ is very nearly done, then next I need to finish the piecing for the next 2 rounds to get to 60″.  The damask print behind the butterfly is our winter duvet — yes, that is correct, I do not yet have a king size quilt for my own bed.  One day!


  1. Your quilting is gorgeous on the start quilt! I’m hoping if I stay making more quilts they will “seem” less precious and I can give more free motion a try without being afraid to ruin something!

    1. placemats are a great size to practice fmq and it doesn’t matter if they’re less than adequate!

  2. Good luck with your goals. It’s okay if you don’t always finish everything. The key is that we’re focusing on finishing and making an effort.

    1. you are right, although one day I would like to not have any UFOs older than a year!

  3. I never expect to reach all my goals. I toss in extras to give myself some choice. You look like you’ve got some wonderful projects in the works there. Good luck with the finishes.

    1. this is a shorter list for me but I think fairly achievable. maybe this will be the quarter I finish my entire list! thanks for stopping by to comment and stay warm!

  4. Such beautiful projects, you can totally knock a few of them out this quarter! Good luck! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts.

  5. […] I must say, it feels really satisfying to have this quilt finished.   What should I work on next?   Linking up to TGIFF, and the global hosts for the finish a long (goals here). […]

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