Girl’s Shirt to Dress makeover (tutorial)

Or how to be the best mom ever in 30 minutes. I was cleaning out my daughter’s closet prior to Christmas and was vehemently told that I could not donate this shirt to the thrift shop. Because it is her favorite. However it is definitely getting a little too short.

size 6 shirt

Since dresses are an adorable look for a little girl I went to the thrift shop myself to find a shirt I could use to make a skirt extension. I was lucky enough to find this woman’s large shirt in the right color of deep pink to complement the bow on the dog’s head. The advantage of using a pre-made shirt of course is that the hem is already done for you. And it only cost $1.  This is a great way to recycle a shirt from your own closet that has a stain on the top half. Using an extra large shirt would give more fullness to the skirt.

My daughter wanted it fairly long although you certainly could do this with more of a Peplum style skirt. I cut off the t-shirt at the right length then sewed them right sides together using a stretch overlock stitch on my machine. Before sewing the two together I did gather the new skirt slightly by turning up the tension on my machine to 5.2. I use a contrasting thread for this step so it is easy to see to remove.  I like to sew the skirt just above the hem seam on the shirt, this disguises the fact that this used to be a shirt. And that I was too lazy to remove the old hem.

women's shirt

women’s shirt



finished dress


finished dress – not a great shot of the dress, but an adorable picture of my daughter working on her own project

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  1. Great recycle!! Way to save that favorite. Such a good mom. 😀

  2. What an awesome idea!! That should keep you in the good books with your daughter for some time. LOL

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