Sewing Retreat on Saturdays

This summer, I’ve really been enjoying my Saturday sewing retreats. Without even needing to leave home, I sew or knit along with Meg and friends for #saturdaynightcraftalong on Instagram. And, by the way, did you realize that when you search for instagram posts under a specific hashtag, they do show as chronological.

I have three main reasons why I like this sewing retreat. One, it’s a fairly small group, therefore manageable to visit and revisit people through the evening. Two, I get to stay in my own space (which several times ended up being being the outdoor fireplace in the backyard). And three, Meg is friendly and just makes it fun!


Another group I enjoy is #fridaynightsewalong, although it seems to have lost momentum over the last few months (it’s only the first Friday of the month). This group is more focused on quilting, whereas the Saturday crew is any craft (I even claimed my stewed pears canning exercise last week). There are no prizes for the most awesome craft, or using the most expensive out-of-print fabric, just some genuine encouragement and friendship.


This week I’ll be working on another hand quilted butterfly block, or maybe my knitting. Will you be joining us?


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  1. What a great idea. It’s a retreat without having to leave the house.

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