Getting started on the Star Light Star Dark Quilt Along

Sigh, if you’re counting (but who’s counting!), that’s three quilt/sew – alongs I have joined this summer. But the freeform, fun, colour-exploration journey promised in this one is irresistible. What I decided to do is wait until the instructions were issued to pull fabrics, cut then, then set aside start sewing them up right away.

I spent a few days trying to tidy my sewing area and make my fabrics easier to get at. I have put everything over 1-1/2 yards aside, and clear shoe boxes now hold all my smaller cuts. For colours, I like the ones she used, so I’m going to aim for a 6-block lap quilt and pull some appropriate fabrics in lime green, teal, and purple for my blocks. Here are the light and dark purple blocks in progress.

dark purple fabrics

dark purple star fabrics

light purple star fabrics

light purple star fabrics

I of course had a couple of “oops” along the way. This small star was a quick fix.

purple star oops

And I had cut down all of the HST for the large stars to the next 1/2″ on the ruler, not realizing that the given starting square was plenty generous, so I had to trim them all 1/2″, after sewing. I just folded them together, lined up the diagonal line on the ruler, and made a perfect cut. I love the 6-1/2″ size for trimming units, it’s really handy.

trimming up my star points

with my name still on all my tools from glamp stitchalot last year

I hope to get more done today–my daughter and husband have gone out overnight so I have the whole day to myself!! And to wash the sheets and remake the beds, tidy the kitchen, pack for myself (to join them at the cottage tomorrow). Oh yeah, and cut the grass–now that we’ve had rain finally, and some good dew every night, the darn grass is starting to grow again.

Linking up to the #starlightstardarkqal with Jess at Quilty Habit and Main Crush Monday with Cooking up Quilts.


  1. Looks like it will be a fun quilt to make ; )

    1. I am looking forward to some fun quilting on the big stars too. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Too bad you don’t have anything to do other than quilt. LOL. Life does interfere! I love the purple with red splashes fabric!
    Group activities are always so tempting. I too find them hard to resist, but so far am hanging in.

    1. I’m making pretty good progress on both my sewing and non sewing lists. I rarely meet with anyone in person to talk sewing so I do get sucked into the virtual sewing circles quite readily. Oh well, it’s my hobby and as long as I have fun, it’s a win.

  3. I am in awe of your purple fabrics, Lisa! I LOVE what you are doing. Yeah, the HSTs were quite generous. I usually make them a bit smaller (and then trim less) but since this QAL was aimed at all levels, I wanted to give a lot of wiggle room! Thanks for blogging – it’s great to hear your progress and process.

    1. Although I like blenders, I don’t have too many tone on tone fabrics, I’m really enjoying applying what you explained about fabric selection to my stash . I’m looking forward to getting the purples done so I can move onto the next colour.

  4. ‘Love your purple fabrics. Yes, it is easy to get involved in many quilt-alongs, lol. This one is so much fun.

  5. Love the purples! It’s the one colour missing from my stash. Your shoe box storage sounds really useful too.

    1. Purple is definitely a tough colour to work with,so many of my purples tend to magenta but with this quilt I picked out the blue-purples. I actually purchased a scrap destash recently which helped a lot with my purple selection ;).

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