Free fabric (in my stash)

Because why have it other than to use it? So I say, if the fabric is more than a year old, it’s free. Anna over at Noodlehead is hosting a sew-along for the tunic from Handmade Style, and so I went rummaging through my stash to see what I could find.

fabric options

The geometric blue is only a year or two old, purchased at the closing sale of one of the Fabricland in Peterborough, and is a lightweight cotton sateen with some stretch. The rayon challis is about 13 years old, purchased to make a nice blouse (and I even have thread, buttons, and lining fabrics to match), but it has been waiting patiently ever since. And the grey chambray? well, who knows. It might be from a remnant bin or inherited from my mom, making it almost 20 years old.

fabric choice mosaic for tunic

But which to choose? The pattern states to use a fabric with good drape, so I draped each piece over my Ott light (well, it was handy) to see what I thought. The rayon is very flow-y, would it become shapeless with such a simple pattern? The sateen, hmm, maybe a little crisp although the stretch would make it comfortable and forgiving. The chambray really appeals to me, however I will have to be creative with my layout to see if I can get the pattern pieces to fit. I am thinking that I could make the cuffs and bias hem edging out of a complementary fabric.

chambray drape

I’m not cutting yet, I want to do a full bust adjustment on the pattern first. So which would you choose?

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  1. Peggy Pirillo · ·

    My pick would be the geometric blue. Have fun!

    1. Thanks for the input! Honestly, I love wearing blue, i look good in it, so a top made out of this would be lovely.

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