Creativ Influx (Sunday Stash)

joel dewberry bundle

Joel Dewberry birch farm bundle

Or perhaps avalanche. But worth every penny, you will see.

My story starts at the Creativ Festival, April 22. I left work early enough to sit in on Sherri’s trunk show (Thread Riding Hood). Sherri and I met at the Creativ Festival three years ago, when she introduced herself as I browsed through a booth of beautiful fabrics. She may call herself introverted, but she brought the audience along her journey of discovery with her sewing, reminding us that new techniques are indeed new, they won’t be perfect the first time, but that there is a wonderful, friendly community inside our computers to teach and share creative pursuits. Then, lucky me, she drew my exact birthday for a door prize of lovely spring-like fat quarters from Country Clothesline and a calendar from Meerkat Shweshwe. (I think I’m going to use it as quilting fabric–that is, I’m going to cut it up. Because a 2016 calendar isn’t useful a year from now.)

thread riding hood winnings

I browsed other shops, picking up this Basic Grey print from Fabric Please (sometimes I like to challenge myself by not buying blenders), but unfortunately the Carkai FQ bundles had not yet arrived, so I had to order it on the Monday. Yes, it’s still in the ribbon. Be patient, young Skywalker (by the way, I haven’t seen the newest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, yet, but I think I should buy it now that it’s available).

carkai fq bundle

Carkai FQ bundle

basic grey

One place I always visit at Creativ is A Stitch in Time, where I was tempted into the Birch Farm FQ bundle and two other ones which I will use as low-volume backgrounds. And a lucky find of this espadrille kit led me to Fabric Spark for some Fox Spots yellow Echino. I think these will be super to slide on to walk around the backyard or at the cottage.

espadrille makings

Need to get sewing on these summer shoes

light fat quarters

My last purchase was the largest. Ever since my Husqvarna had problems last fall, I’ve been debating about getting a new machine. And I certainly wasn’t planning on such an extravagant purchase, but the Pfaff show special included the extension table and it uses the same bobbins as my old machine. Let’s agree, shall we, that I deserve to treat myself. The salesperson was really helpful (let’s not talk about the other booth where I sat down and played with one of the machines, and was completely ignored, so I left).


And just to brag a little bit, I went into Fabricland Oshawa a couple of weeks later when they had a 50% off sale. I learned during that visit that many of the “good” fabrics have had the selvedges cut off, but I lucked out with this Widescreen, which had been cut so it was only 42 inches wide (darn it!), but still a pretty good deal at $7/metre — so I got 4 metres.

4 metres of tangerine

On this holiday long weekend, linking up to Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash.


  1. I love your new machine!

  2. Yay yay yay! I am so excited for your new machine! And the other fabric is great too šŸ˜‰ love the basic grey! Thanks for the kind words about the presentation šŸ˜Š so glad you were there!

  3. Congrats on getting yourself a new machine. Great fabrics as well.

  4. I miss my old Husqvarna. How are you liking the Pfaff?
    Also, if you are a Star Wars fan, you should check this out.
    I’m doing the QAL but I’m a couple weeks behind.

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