A Merry Christmas giveaway

200. Wow. I have so much fun creating, and writing, and as a thank you to you for joining me for this, my 200th post on this blog, a little giveaway for you.

Yuma quilt binding

But first, tell me what have you been working on this week, the last week before Christmas. I was frantically binding a throw quilt for my in-laws…I had a two week diversion to make my Makers Tote, then I realized I didn’t have time to finish the binding before they arrived on the 17th, but fortunately they left again, a side trip to my brother-in-law’s house (taking my daughter–woohoo, party for mom and dad!).

I originally was going to complete the binding by machine, but while watching the recorded version of Quiltcam by Bonnie Hunter, her words convinced me to hand bind. Four days, that should be enough time, shouldn’t it? Whoops, bad math again, if I want to get it done before they return (this time to the cottage), I only have two days. Ouch, my wrist hurts. Nothing else bothers it like hand binding. So if you peek at my instagram, or here on Flickr, you can see more pics of the Yuma Quilt, and I will share more here next week.

So as my Christmas gift to one of you, I have purchased this yummy bundle of Eden, by Tula Pink. The pixelated tiger is just freaky, isn’t it? To enter, leave me a tale of what last minute finish you completed this week (binding on the car trip?, perhaps a quick tote bag for the friend who took your kids for a day so you could clean house?), and if you leave me a link, I’ll pop by and say hi! (Links are not mandatory). One comment per person, and I will ship anywhere in the world. I will close this giveaway on December 29 at 8 pm EST. **Comments now closed**

Tula Pink Eden

Happy Christmas and blessings on you and your household for 2016. (PS, while you’re here you can go back to my previous post to sign up for my 2016 Canadians paper piecing bee).




  1. I finished some pillowcases for last minute gifts for some unexpected company.

  2. Hi Lisa. Merry Christmas to you. I’ve been knitting my brains out!

  3. I finished small doll quilts, doll pillows, zippy bags, and a big 20×20 fancy fox pillow! So fun to do handmade. Great quilt you made and I like your label!

  4. Merry Christmas! Just finished a set of place mats binding at the last minute !!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Merry Christmas to all of you! I had not to hurry, for one time in my life I was ready for Christmas!! So happy not to rush and stress!

  6. Happy Christmas – some last minute cake icing for me!!!

  7. Michele T · ·

    I finished all the quilted gifts on time and this was a first for me!!! Love the fabrics that you chose for your giveaway…. Sooooo beautiful! We follow each other on IG (@winkowl). Merry Christmas and best wishes to you in the new year!!

  8. No last minute gifts to finish. Finished coin purses in time. Great quilt.

  9. Oh yes, I needed a fast gift quick since I forgot one person in our religious class I had no gift for. Quickly, turned on the embroidery machine, found a plain towel , embroidered Merry Christmas and I had an instant gift. By the time we were heading out to church, I got ii wrapped just in the knick of time. God was with me because I would have been embarrassed that she would have been the only instructor there without a gift.
    Merry Christmas. Like you I still only bind by hand, I just like the look better

  10. I spent the first ten months of the year working on a king-sized quilt for an anniversary gift so I didn’t take on a huge list for Christmas. I had a couple of mug rugs, table runners and 12 placemats all of which I completed on time. I like doing binding by hand – kind of soothing. Your giveaway is lovely, thank you for the opportunity. šŸ™‚ http://newenglandgardenandthread.wordpress.com

  11. Doris McCarty · ·

    I finished a purse my grandaughter had been begging me to make. I didn’t put it off because I didn’t want to make it. I put it off because I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked. I finally found one. Yeah! I finished her purse just in time for Christmas!

  12. We had a huge windstorm that brought down trees and power lines on our property, so we were without power–and thus my iron and sewing machine for several days before Christmas. (Not to mention heat, water, and light. I think I missed the iron as much as anything!) I’m glad we were planning to open gifts closer to New Year’s, to accommodate the schedule of our dear niece, who works in an ER department and couldn’t get the holiday off. So now I am finishing up a couple of pillowcases and little power cord holders and other stocking stuffer-type gifts. Feeling very merry now that I’m warm and cozy again and the lights are on. šŸ™‚

  13. Some last minute decorations! I had no time before this week to decorate the house…!

  14. I was noticed two hours before joining the party that my niece’s boyfriend was coming too, and I had no gifts for him. Hopefully, we have a great chocolaterie close to the house!

  15. I’d finished the embroidery but the frames arrived late. I never knew it took so long to get things just right in their frames. Phew! Just made it on time for a December birthday and Christmas šŸ™‚

  16. Quilting Tangent · ·

    A past christmas I was doing a big cross-stitch to the last minute. Got it done, they loved it. Never again under a dead line.

  17. I finished up 2 fabric wine bags and 2 other gift bags just in time to fill & give away :-s

  18. I don’t know that I’ve had any finishes this week until you count finishing a hexie.

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