Farmer’s wife blocks update

I’m not compliant to this sew along, I must admit. Mostly because I’ve been doing the blocks which appeal to me, and since I prefer the foundation paper piecing, I’ve also been printing out some of the templates to skip ahead. Angie says we should have 22 blocks done — I’ve made 4.

But one of the blocks which came up recently was Addie, so I cut out the pieces to take to Glamp Stitchalot with me–I thought they would be useful for a little practice with the machine before we started the first class. I used the templates to figure out how to rotary cut the pieces, and it came together nicely. The orange and aqua print is a Julianna Horner design which I had picked up last year at Jo-Anns in Cincinnati, and it seemed to go well with the Anna Maria Horner fabrics I picked. Some of the pieces are very small, so I’m using solids as well.


Next up I’ll show you Patience. I actually pieced this block right at the beginning of the sew-along, since it was one of the likely candidates to start off. It’s still bright, but with cooler colours than many of my other blocks.

Patience - Farmer's wife 1930s

Lastly, my current work-in-progress, I thought I would try english paper piecing Golda. I am enjoying putting this together, although prepping the pieces using glue basting seemed to take forever. At Glamp, Katy warned us that glue basting can be difficult to remove, but I have tested a couple of the pieces and I think they’ll come off okay. I put the glue on the “back” of the template, just sticking down the seam allowances, rather than on the face, and I also used cardstock, rather than paper, so it doesn’t tear too easily.

Golda wip

And I want to let you know, I’ve decided to ease off to blogging once per week. I’ve been lifting weights at a gym (because I sit down too much and I’m getting soft), plus I often log into work in the evenings, so I’m going to take it easy on myself for a month or two. And it is Christmas soon, you know (you did notice that, didn’t you?) so I have a couple of gifts to get sewing…

Linking up to Gnomeangel for the Farmer’s Wife sew-along, and also my friend Lorna for Let’s Bee Social.

Cheers, Lisa



  1. Lisa, your fabrics are so pretty – I *love* the fussy cut bird in that top block. English paper piecing is something I know I’ll get into one day. And good on you for going to the gym! My interests/work are all sit-down, too, so I look for ways to mitigate that. My quilting work is spread out so I have to get up and walk across the room to the iron, or even walk upstairs to do cutting. And almost 2 years ago, we all started studying Taekwondo together. We keep ourselves committed to a 3x/week minimum, and try for 5. I’ve felt so much better than before! Quilters need to conscientiously make themselves get active, with such a physically sedentary pursuit.

  2. Every time I see your blocks I have a pang of guilt. I really should get on with mine. Maybe 2016! Enjoy your Christmas sewing

  3. I love the vibrant fabrics you are using in your blocks.

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