Finish-A-Long goals for Q4

Oops, I missed the linkup for finishes for Q3 (my sole finish was the rainbow broken herringbone baby quilt). Oh well, on to Q4. I try to keep these goals to projects that have been tying up stash yardage and that need to be Done.

Yuma Quilt “Silver and Gold”
This should be a guaranteed completion, I have finished the quilting and just have to make and attach the binding. Pattern from Gotham Quilts.

Yuma quilt top half finished.  Free pattern from Gotham Quilts.

Refracted Quilt for my niece
I would like to give this to her at Christmas this year. I did get a second set of 5 blocks done, 4 sets left. This quilt would make up really fast if I just stuck with it lol. Pattern by Melissa at Happy Quilting

Refracted quilt blocks

Christmas throw quilt “Grand Illusion”
I pieced this following the 2014 mystery from Bonnie Hunter, then ran out of steam. Needs to be basted and quilted. Again, it would be nice to have this done for Christmas.

feb 28 flimsy finished

Cargo Duffle Bag
I’m having a hard time moving this to the top of the to-do pile (due to the ooh, look, another quiltalong! distraction of Farmer’s Wife 1930s)

cargo duffle pieces april 2015

No more, four goals is enough. Linking up to Adrianne at On the Windy Side.



  1. Michele T · ·

    Your Silver and Gold Yuma quilt is gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks, i am really happy with it too! On Oct 10, 2015 7:37 AM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  2. Julie Stocker · ·

    I’m snickering out here. I am embarassed to even link up this time. I think I finished one of 12 from last quarter. cough. cough. Sometimes the link ups are good for motivation, but other times it becomes one more Auntie out there giving me a guilty conscience. I feel guilty enough this round, so I decline.

    Your Yuma is Yummy! (had to do that), and I seriously love your pull for the cargo bag. You have such fun fabric, and I love to see how blend things I wouldn’t have thought of. Good eye! I’m curious what the blue and fushia urchin-like print is on top. Any idea?

    1. Actually, these are all from one line, Priory Square by Katy Jones for Art Gallery Fabrics, although I usually like to mix things up by combining different designers and lines. The blue and fuschia one is Clover Field.

      I do like to be honest and add some humor to my posts, Some projects may take a lot longer than planned but it is my real life. And the laundry still gets done, folks get fed, and the dust bunnies stay in the corners. On Oct 10, 2015 9:04 AM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  3. All lovely projects and I love your colour choices too. The 3-D effect on the Yuma quilt is really good!

  4. Hi Lisa, wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and see what you are making. Nice!
    I played clarinet for 6 years, my husband is an engineer too, so we have a bit in common. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

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