Paris Swap Pillow Finish

Another one of those tempting instagram swaps, this one had a theme of anything Paris. It wasn’t limited to quilting either–there were some awesome bags and cross stitch creations as well. (Go over to instagram and search #parisswap. I’ll wait here.)

I was tickled to receive a swap partner who I was already following on flickr. She makes a lot of different bags, so I thought something quilted would be nice, and with two boys in the house, I wondered if a floor pillow would get some use. Fortunately when I posted that question on instagram, she agreed and even gave me some colour suggestions (whoosh, what a relief). The only Paris themed fabrics I could find were two neutrals, so I added some of my other favourites to include the colours I had selected and decided on a “plus” layout.

Paris swap pillow cover in progress

This is one of those patterns which was on my quilty bucket-list, and is definitely a fun design. I used 3″ squares and rectangles, for the pillow cover to finish at 25″ square. In hindsight, using all squares would have been easier to web together, but in the end I got it done and used a loose swirl to quilt it. This was the first time I had used binding for a pillow cover, and I really liked how it finished.

paris swap pillow front

swirl quilting using variegate thread

The types and quantity of extras were specified, which I thought was nice to keep everyone on a level playing field (although some people still went overboard), so an Alison Glass fat quarter, mini hex’n’more ruler, vintage buttons, and some Swedish berries candy, along with some Canada pencils and Paris postcards, were wrapped up and shipped off to the States. Betsy was thrilled and was able to put it to use right away.

paris swap back and extras

Another swap finished, and only one more this year, then I swear (pinky-promise!) that I won’t do any more until I work down some of my quilt projects. Linking up to TGIFF.



  1. It looks great! A floor pillow is a great idea–especially with boys in the house. That’s a lovely swap gift ; )

  2. Beautiful pillow! I have that Plus pattern on my quilty bucket list too. Always do bindings on my cushions and I love the look; yours is just terrific. Hey I have that backing, La Tour Eiffel, fabric in white/black! I have never done a swap, got enough WIPs and quilts for family on my list!

  3. Perfect fabric choices for the swap and great extras too. No wonder she was thrilled! I want to try that plus pattern. One of these days… Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!, Lisa!

    1. I really enjoy swaps and this one seemed easier than most since I had lots of great feedback on IG as I progressed. I have seen some really great variations on the plus quilt, including plus signs in blocks (Meadow Mist Designs), and plus signs with negative space (She Can Quilt) so I would anticipate seeing what creative spin you would put onto a plus design. Cheers 🙂 :


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