Sunday Stash because I deserve it

Not that I’ve been on a fabric diet or anything, but I decided to give myself a little Craftsy present this past weekend. I can hear you asking why…well, I finally got the promotion I have been working towards! (insert happy dance) Some surprises along the way, it’s for a completely different group than I was working with previously…and the nightly conference calls (yep, even weekends) are seriously cutting into my quilting and blogging time.

So I’m looking forward to some fun hours watching Amanda Jean, and maybe one day I’ll even make this quilt.

craftsy pic

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  1. Michele T · ·

    Congratulations Lisa!!! You must make the time to keep your creative edge sharp… If that means letting something go, like dusting, do it!! Lol (I hate dusting!!)

    1. I must admit that dusting is one of the first things to slide in my house too…

  2. Congratulations! I hope you can find a new life balance quickly.

    1. Shh, I actually managed to sew during last night’s call…

  3. Yikes weekend conference calls don’t sound like fun but congratulations on the promotion. Have fun scrappy sewing

    1. I like the guy who led the calls this weekend, he went over the updates, asked if there were any questions, and we were done in 6 minutes.

  4. How nice. One day I’m sure you will make that quilt ; )

    1. I love scrappy quilts although I haven’t really been quilting long enough to have a lot of variety in my scraps.

  5. Well done you , congratulations x

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