Yuma Bonus pillow (+ giveaway)

This is a tutorial for a pillow (cushion) cover using the leftover pieces of fabric from the Yuma quilt pattern. After thinking hard for a few days, I figured out how to downsize the pattern by half to make a matching pillow. I had cut extra pieces of the light fabrics for my quilt top (psst, there’s a giveaway there too), so I only had to add the background fabrics, but you may need to cut extra fabric for the pieced triangles.

Yuma bonus Pillow

Cut the following background pieces:
2.5″ square, cut in half diagonally (A)
Cut a 3″ strip of fabric, then cut 8 triangles using an easy-angle ruler or flying geese ruler (B)
2 x 6.5″ square, cut in quarters diagonally (C)

First, take the two triangles left over in the 12.5″ size, and cut out a smaller triangle which is 6.5″ on the side. Cut the remaining angled piece into two equal strips, 2-3/4″ wide. Use the strips to build log cabin triangles with the “A” background piece.

I was able to use my 6.5

I used my 6-1/2″ ruler for this step.

Next, for the pieced triangles, cut your leftover squares of fabric, plus additional fabric if required, into 3″ strips and cut 24 triangles using an easy angle ruler or flying geese ruler. In the photo, I had cut the 6.5″ triangles in half already, so I was able to get two 3″ triangles out of each half. Sew 8 of these together with the 8 “B” background triangles, then sew on the remaining side triangles as instructed for the pieced triangles in the quilt pattern. (Basically these triangles are 3″ tall and 3-1/2″ along the bottom, the blunted corner really helps when lining up your pieces to sew. If you don’t have a triangle ruler, you could probably just eyeball this.)

yuma pillow small triangles

Compare the sizes of all the triangles you have made–the log cabin triangles and large triangles will be a little larger than the pieced triangles, so you will have to trim them to match. Make sure you trim the outside of the log cabin triangle so you don’t touch the centre piece.

Lay out your rows and piece together per the instructions of the Yuma quilt, this finishes at 15″ square (unfinished size). If you want a slightly larger pillow, add strips of complementary fabrics on all sides. I’m going to use the Ink Dots from this fat quarter.

Yuma pillow auditioning border fabrics

Add batting and backing for the pillow cover and quilt as desired. A small project like this is a nice way to practice your free motion quilting.

There are different ways to finish a pillow cover–turned or bound edge, zipper or envelope back. Rather than repeating them all here, I’ll give you a few links of tutorials:
Envelope back with or without bound edge
Hidden zipper back
Hidden zipper with contrast band
Invisible zipper in side seam

I said I would have a giveaway, didn’t I? Well, how would you like me to make a Yuma pillow cover for you? I’ll even throw in one of my “world-famous” skinny selvedge pincushions. To enter, leave me how I can follow you on social media–blog address, instagram, flickr, or pinterest user name. (No, you don’t have to follow me back, but it would be nice–just look over there on the sidebar for my links). If I follow you already, you still need to leave me a comment to enter the draw. I will close comments on Wednesday, July 22 at 9:00 pm EDT, and contact you by email to confirm colours and pillow size, and I will ship by August 31 (or thereabouts) anywhere in the world.

Comments now closed — congratulations Beth!


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  1. It’s really nice. I like the colour combinations and I’m interested to see how it came together. I bookmarked this one too as it seemed to be both an interesting design but not extraordinarily difficult. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well, I really like your pillow! I’m here from Scraptastic Tuesday, so this project is right up my alley, and I’ll be saving it ….okay, just started following you (may as well, I have ‘run into you’ at several linkups!) on Bloglovin’ and saved your post! Thank you for the tutorial and for the giveaway. You can follow me on Bloglovin’ or Pinterest, Feedly or by email!

  3. fancyfootfarm · ·

    Love your pillow cover. Thank you for the tutorial links for finishing. I need to make a few pillows but keep putting it off. You can follow me at fancyfootfarm.com/wp

  4. Michele T · ·

    Love tHis pillow cover!!!! You can follow me on IG via @winkowl

  5. This is a clever design – I would never have the patience to work out how to resize something! I really love the colours you have used here too. You can follow me at sewslowly.com

  6. Beth T. · ·

    Love that pillow. The easiest way to find me is on twitter, where I am @wordygirl11, but you can probably find me on Pinterest by my real name, which is Beth Talmage (although I may be wordygirl11 there, too. It gets confusing, doesn’t it?).

  7. *waves hi* hey I didn’t even realise you had a blog till I came over from instagram to find out more about that cute block you posted a photo of. 🙂

  8. Lovely. ..I think we’re mutual followers. ..Beth @ Words & Stitches.

  9. Cute way to use up leftovers and make a great matching cushion cover! Thanks for the giveaway – you can find me on IG @nickyeglinton and of course thanks for linking to #scraptastictuesday

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