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Yes, I know, it’s not alliterative. But here it is anyway. I put together the top for my Anna Maria Horner mini quilt swap on instagram. This started with the purchase of the tri-recs rulers (since I had free shipping on Amazon anyway with my husband’s birthday present). Several sketches later, I pulled out a variety of AMH fabrics and cut out 16 or 24 right and left handed triangles in each colour-way I used.

For Mother's Day, himself and child have gone out ☺ so I am cutting triangles for #annamariahornerminiquiltswap #amhteamgardenparty   I am leaning towards the linen (right) for the background .  Any thoughts?

I had to join this swap, after all it is AMH! When I started quilting and being drawn to modern fabrics, I wasn’t sure I liked the big graphics, but her saturated colours were irresistible. I was assigned AMH in a charm square swap (although most of the fabrics tended to be modern blenders, as the rest of the swappers seemed to implicitly agree that large prints are not so useful in charm square size), and ended up buying extra yardage to keep. I then won a fat quarter bundle in a giveaway, and added in more yardage on every order. Finally I decided it was time to stop hoarding it, and a large part of my stash is waiting patiently for me to finish sewing together the Starbright quilt.

On the advice of my instagram buddies, the light coloured triangle are a linen cotton blend. Possible a little less stable than the quilting cotton, but certainly good enough for a mini which will be washed rarely. Everything is prewashed, and I have started washing fat quarters by hand–it’s just as easy a machine washing, and reduces the long strings mixed in with my other laundry.

amh top

Now I am debating how to quilt this–I have a couple of weeks to decide yet. I had originally planned on feathers in the linen, but with the illusion of boxes now created, I’m not sure if that is the right motif. Any ideas?

Linking up to Julie at Pink Doxies (who is also in this swap, tee hee).



  1. Yes, I am! And thou shalt not hoard your AMH stash, friend!

    I love the design you’ve done, and like the idea of quilting boxes. OTOH, you have some nice open spaces to do something geometric in if you’d choose. I have a terrible time deciding what to do for quilting, but I think almost everyone does. You saw my last post where I ripped out after trying my first choice! Maybe I shouldn’t offer advice. If in doubt, scour Pinterest.

    Your points are beautiful, btw, so make sure to highlight them somehow.

    Thanks for linking this up to Pink Doxies today, Lisa.


  2. I am probably not the most experienced to give advice, but since you asked, will have a go at it. As I look at this quilt top, I see straight line quilting with the walking foot echoing the zigzag pattern. In the linen/cotton open boxes, I would consider a modified starburst, which would consist of an inner circle and outward facing triangles of a length to meet with the edge of the “box”. So, shorter up and down and longer out to the sides. I am excited to see you you eventually do the quilting!

    1. Yes, I like the starburst idea! A combination of curves (the circle) and straight lines! Thank you! On 2015-05-23 10:40 PM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


    2. My pleasure! I was doing a medallion design on a quilt, my husband suggested doing it larger for the central block. When I did that he told me it was too empty in the center, so this was how I filled, with a simple starburt which turned out very well. I cannot post any pictures, as this is to be a gift. I have a bunch of things that I cannot post until mid July, after I bring a suitcase full of quilts home to my extended family! I would love to see your pictures when you quilt this!

  3. Lovely lovely mini quilt! …and the linen background sets the AMH fabrics off beautifully! Maybe some curvy quilting to add texture, look forward to seeing what you decide to do!

    1. Thanks for your suggestion! On 2015-05-24 4:31 PM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  4. This is beautiful Lisa ; )

    1. I think the quilting will include feathers…stay tuned! On 2015-05-25 12:05 AM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


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