Sunday Stash (Creativ Festival)

A day out, a visit with a friend, and some fabric therapy — win!  I enjoy the learning, sharing, and new ideas too, this year I went to “Steeking without Fear” by Michelle of Stitch Please.  Once I get my wool windowpanes sweater completed, I now have a few tips for creating the armholes.

I tried to buy more full yards/metres this year, so many times lately I seem to need binding or a pillow back and I need the bigger cuts.  I also want to get some fabric tote bags made.  But those fat quarters are so cute and colourful, just like candy.

From A Stitch in Time (Leamington), Sew Etc (Burlington), and Sew Sisters (Toronto)

From A Stitch in Time (Leamington), Sew Etc (Burlington), and Sew Sisters (Toronto)

The red print on the far left ran like crazy when I washed it, fortunately I have started hand washing my fat quarters to minimize loss so I was able to swap it into a soak with some vinegar to try and set the dye. Most of these do not have selvedges, except the dots bundle which is a Michael Miller collection. And if I had seen the *adorable* charms on the fat quarter bundles at Sew Sisters, I might have picked up a couple more!

sew sisters bundle

Some wool felt sheets from Fabric Spark, I want to make another Ruby Lou doll but they didn’t really have a colour that would work for hair, so Sherri and I discussed the possibility of dyeing the off-white colour felt, then the other sheets are oh so pretty for some unknown future project.

april 2015 wool felt

And these lovely half yards from various vendors, from left they are a Victoria & Albert print, Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler organic Soul Blossoms (which I bought last year in the coral), Amy Butler Midwest Modern, Art Gallery Fabrics. Len’s Mill Store had a largish selection of older Art Gallery prints, so I picked those colours which I felt I needed in my stash.

Half yard stashing

Half yard stashing

A final picture to share today, of two more Art Gallery Prints (1 metre each) and this cute black and gray (2 metres) by Andover Fabrics, all from Len’s Mill Store.


It should be enough to keep me busy until next year, don’t you think?



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! And you certainly did choose some lovely picks, Lisa. Can’t wait to see what becomes of these!

  2. Hee hee. At least a year 🙂 It was fun visiting! Thanks for letting me follow you around!

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