A Day to Myself (Sunday Stash)

Well, it wasn’t the whole day, just an afternoon, but yesterday I left my daughter with her grandparents and did some shopping. We came down for the long weekend to Sarnia, a four hour drive (so hardly worth it on a normal weekend). After stocking up my summer wardrobe at the mall, I headed over to the local Fabricland to see what I could see.

White on white print, Ticking by Crabapple Studio for Lecien, Monarchs and Pentas for Freespirit

White on white print, Ticking by Crabapple Studio for Lecien, Monarchs and Pentas for Freespirit

Well, would you look at that, $4.50 per metre for their designer fabric ends. Hmmm, what could I make use of here? Some ticking in ivory amd black from Lecien, perhaps for a tote bag lining, and a white on white print (for the inside of my current pillow project), 2 m each. Butterflies, I can’t resist, what the heck make it 4 metres for some future quilt back. I’ve given you a closeup of the white print to show the pattern. There is a name on the selvedge, but it’s in white too ;-).  No wait, I can see that it’s by P&B Textiles.

white on white Sunday stash

Jill Gordon Butterflies and Flowers Westminister

I love the hand of Freespirit fabrics.

A few other bits and pieces, and 3 metres of Warm and White batting at 40% off due to their current sale. I do a lot of online shopping in my pajamas, it was fun to check out the sale bins (I was really tempted by some sparkly knit fabrics, but decided to resist) in person.

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  1. Those butterflies would be a great backing! Hope you enjoyed your afternoon 🙂

    1. I think I have backs for all my quilt tops which are in progress so I guess I’ll have to start another quilt.

  2. That’s a brilliant price for fabric, especially when in the UK we sometimes see it priced at 3 x’s that in £!! Enjoy

    1. I know, i wish i could have justified more but a lot was novelty/children’s or more traditional, which i am unlikely to use.

  3. Lovely, happy fabrics 🙂 They are all gorgeous and it pays to buy lots if you like the designs because they won’t be there next time!

    1. I rather wish i had bought more it was an excellent deal!

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