March goal and an ambitious list

I am trying to be more focused this year, although I keep getting sucked into instagram and flickr swaps. I don’t know what it is, the extra challenge of making something for another person–with a deadline–just makes my heart race.

It is March, and I have finished exactly zero of my Q1 Finish A-Long goals (with Adrienne at On the Windy Side). So I’ll be smart and use one of them for my March goal with Melissa and Shanna (A Lovely Year of Finishes). I think I’ll pick the paparazzi camera bag using Botanique by Joel Dewberry. No action since I cut out the pieces in January.

Q12015 finish a long goal #2 - Paparazzi bag

And I thought I would scare inspire myself with a list of everything I want to get done in the next 8 weeks or so. I have accepted a temporary supervisor position at work, so once that ramps up I may find that my sewing hours are being consumed with extra work. And for essentially no extra money, I will point out (but hopefully a future permanent position).

-rainbow mini swap
Ok partner, here's my plan.  Each star point a different colour around, with a scrappy low volume background.  Any thoughts on the fabric pull? #rainbowminiswap #rainbowteamyellow #nikoncamera #aviary
-great pillow fight swap
broken herringbone baby quilt
-summer dress (for me)
-navy uniform shorts for my daughter
refracted quilt for my niece

Long term projects
-hand quilting simply solids butterfly quilt

Okay, that’s enough.

Linking up to Sew Bittersweet Designs March goal setting party and To-do Tuesday with Christine at Stitch All the Things.



  1. good list, good luck!! love the star mini!!

  2. I love this list!! I have avoided the swaps so far, and mainly because my goal this year was to make a quilt for all of the kids in my family. They all seem to have one birthday right after another, so I’ve had no time to add extra projects.

    I love your plan for the rainbow mini. Those fabrics are amazing!! Good luck with the temp supervisory position. I hope that turns out to be a great situation (promotion?!) for you!

  3. Wow. That’s a good list, or bad depending on how much time you are given I guess ;). I wish you more time to sew and the best luck on the permanent position!

    1. Telling it like it is šŸ˜‰. I am trying be better about only working on one project at a time though On Mar 8, 2015 7:02 PM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


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