Two year blogiversary (+ giveaway)

Welcome friends, it is hard to believe that I have been blogging for two years already! (And this is my 149th post!) When I look at my sewing files on my hard drive, I cannot believe how prolific I have been. I still have a few too many works-in-progress (WIP), although I am trying to not have them sit too long.

Some finishes in the past year:
Little Quilts swap

Triangle Jewels
Triangle Jewels

Be Awesome
"Awesome" quilt finish

Frozen quilt
frozen quilt all finished

And in honour of my blogiversary and my growing love of polka dots, I have made this cute little bundle of dotty fabrics for one of you! The red polka dots is 1/2 yard, the rest vary from a fat quarter to a fat eighth, and some of the fabrics are from my stash so they have been prewashed. Leave me a comment telling me what you do that brings joy (other than sewing lol) and I will pick a winner on March 7 and I will ship anywhere in the world.

polka dot bundle

polka dot bundle

{Comments now closed. Congratulations to Quilting Tangent!}

Please do not add this post to giveaway linky parties, this giveaway is for people who visit me because they like me :).



  1. MicheleTimms · ·

    I do love polka dots!!! Congrats on celebrating 2 years! I love to make quilts gifts and surprise the recipients…sometimes it’s to celebrate a momentous occasion and sometimes it’s just… Because!!

  2. Well I am certainly in Lisa! šŸ˜‰ Because I like you! Keep on quilting and be creative.

  3. Congrats on the anniversary and many beautiful finishes.

    As for things to do I love baking. And now I want cupcakes.

  4. Michele · ·

    Congrats on the anniversary! I have a triangle quilt planned that may have just moved up my list again thanks to your triangle jewels! I also like to make jewelry and just saw a bracelet in a magazine that looked like flying geese so that’s also on my list now!

  5. Lisa congratulations on your 2nd blogiversary. I love reading the blogs but know I am not one who could keep one up so kudos to those who do. I love polka fabrics just take a look at my stash. What else that brings me joy, I sew, I crochet and I live with 5 former stray rescue felines that heap such love upon me. Sending time with them brings me joy.

  6. Happy blogiversary!
    I love cooking & baking for others. Some of those peeps get Quilts too;-)

  7. Hi Lisa! Two years already. Good for you. I’d love some polka dots to add to my stash. I enjoy knitting and baking when I’m not sewing ; )

  8. catskillquilter · ·

    Ohh, my! I am sitting at the computer with my kitty, Thelma, squeezed onto my lap, petting her. This is after having coffee on the patio, where my kitty, Callie, was sitting on my lap. I would have to say that having pets, and interacting with them, gives me alot of joy! Congrats on your blogiversary!

  9. Reading fiction brings me joy.

  10. Congratulations Lisa!!
    I love polka dots too !!
    I enjoy anything textile related!!

  11. Congratulations on your blogiversary! Here’s to the next two years! Something that brings me joy is finding something about everyone I come across to compliment them on. I love seeing a stranger stop dead in their tracks to say thank you and having a big smile on their face. You never know when that tiny little compliment might just change their entire day. I also love polka dots!

  12. Beth T. · ·

    It brings me great joy to sit in the sunshine and read a good book–especially if I have just discovered a new mystery series and know that there is a stack of books waiting for me that I am going to love.

  13. congratulations on two years! It’s been fun being in bees with you šŸ™‚

    Playing with my daughter brings me joy! Especially after time away.

  14. Hip hip hooray Lisa!
    Congratulations on you blogaversary!!!
    What makes me happy is the sunshine in my living room!

  15. barbara woods · ·

    love that fabric and have been following for a while. Congrats on 2 years. Great grands always make me smile

  16. Quilting Tangent · ·

    Congratulations on 2 years. Cross-stitching, taking a walk in nature bring me joy.

  17. I love to snuggle with my family and watch movies, sew (of course!) and also to enjoy that moment when you’ve finished cleaning the house. I also love reading blogs and soak in the inspiration that comes from them, including the ideas from your’s! Congrats on the anniversary and I hope to read your blog for many more.

  18. CONGRATS ON “2” !
    Love doing all kinds of embroidery>especially Redwork ! Thanks for a neat giveaway!

  19. My family brings me joy. Great job on the blog and quilting. You inspire me. I love your style.

  20. Congratulations! Hmmm…other than sewing, well, there’s chocolate, cats, my dog, my family (not in order of importance) and travel. Or traveling vicariously when my friends travel! I love your finishes, by the way!

  21. I been reconnecting with my love of drawing and watercolors again. I want to combine them with my calligraphy. šŸ˜Š Thanks so much for the giveaway. The material us gorgeous!

  22. Happy 2 years! I spend a lot of my free happy-making time working on various sewing projects, but I also really love to read – dropping into some other life for a few hours is always a pleasure. I also really love to do embroidery, although I haven’t done too much of it in quite a long time.

  23. Happy blogversary LIsa. Visits from my kid’s make me happy. They’ve both grown up and left home.

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