Frozen Fractals all around (+ giveaway)

A girl for all seasons, always perfectly dressed to the nines, with the right accessories. Who? Tammy, of course.

Who's that girl?

Who’s that girl?

Thanks for coming by to visit my Tammy bag creation with Madame Samm of Sew We Quilt and our fearless cheerleader Mary of 1 Piece 2 Mary. My vision was that of an elegant winter dress, glittering with crystals. I started with Aida in black, and changed the dress colours to blues and greys. My champagne is pink, of course. I used a lot of blending filament throughout the piece to give it extra sparkle, and added the seed beads to the dress.

My stitching tools are this embroidery frame, to which I attach my fabric, my selection of embroidery flosses, and my reading glasses made to my prescription including astigmatism.  Ah, the perks of getting older.

tammy cross stitch tools

For the Tammy bag, I used a polyester moire satin, which shimmers with blue and gold. Quite challenging to work with, because as soon as it was cut, it did this:
But some lightweight interfacing on the lining, and the fusible fleece on the outer, kept it in place nicely. When the cross stitch turned out to be shorter than the pattern piece, I used the snowflake stitch on my machine to topstitch it to the satin, and the same for the topstitching on the pocket.

tammy bag bottomtammy bag pocket topstitching detail

I had ordered the wrong size handle initially, so 2 days after Christmas I frantically emailed Madame Samm who graciously sold me a handle. However, for some reason Canada Post cannot deliver a package a mere 200 km in 8 business days. Fortunately I had also researched on Etsy and ordered the gorgeous handle you see from MeiMei Supplies in Ohio. Yes, that’s right, it’s faster to ship from Ohio, USA to Ontario, Canada than within Ontario. It arrived nicely wrapped with a thank you card in plenty of time to finish the bag and take photos during the weekend daylight hours, so I can recommend their customer service.

tammy bag interior

Lined with same satin.


With the option of adding a strap, I used nylon beading line and strung up a few blue crystal and pearl beads, and my stitching supplies and reading glasses will fit nicely inside. Perhaps some friends will come to join Tammy. If you haven’t seen the movie Frozen, why not? The music is fabulous and it’s a great chick flick. The line in the title of my post is my favourite from the song Let It Go.

with friends from Frozen

The bird on the pinny became a cardinal, like the one which visits our backyard feeder, keeping me company by stitching up a snowflake. He’s machine appliqued, because I was pretty tired of hand work by the time I made him. I added a layer of super stiff interfacing to the inside. The pocket and needle keeper on the back will come in handy.

Tammy with back of Pinny

Before you continue hopping to the other participants for today, I’m sure you’re wondering about the giveaway I promised. As much as I enjoy cross-stitch, I found the effort on my wrists was just too much, so I don’t think I’ll be making any big pieces like this again. I purchased this gorgeous pattern of Titania, Queen of the Fairies (by Nora Corbett, Mirabilia Designs, 11″x18″) in 1998, but I have never made it, or even opened the pattern, so I would like it to go to someone who will appreciate it. Please leave me a comment with your favourite Disney (or Broadway) song, and why, and I will pick a winner randomly on January 21, and I will ship anywhere in the world.


Here are my colleagues for today:

Lisa In Port Hope <– You are here!

And hop back to Mary at IPiece2-Mary for the rest of the schedule or it can also be found on my mini Tammy post.

Cardinal pinny

Cardinal pinny



  1. Waoh waoh, your Tammy is wonderful! This blue dress is a dream, really lovely! And the idea if making a cardinal on the pinny is very creative, super!

  2. Your Tammy is sew elegant! Love the Cardinal on your Pinny. Thank you for sharing.

  3. You made a fantastic, gorgeous Tammy bag; the grey/silver dress on black background is so elegant! The beads on the dress makes it perfect, together with all the extra details!
    Your cardinal Pinny is sew cute!
    My favorite Disney song is “Hakuna Matata”. Thanks for the giveaway, the pattern looks great!

    1. It was great fun putting my own spin on these fabulous patterns. On 2015-01-14 1:14 AM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  4. Your projects are just beautiful! I am in awe of your ability to cross stitch on black Aida cloth. I would have gone blind no matter how many lighting aids I used. The black fabric made your design just pop! Loved your Pinny, too.

    1. I did most of this in the kitchen, which has a light colored floor, so I used that as the background to allow me to see the holes. On 2015-01-14 2:16 AM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  5. Can’t believe how wonderful it looks on black! And the beads sure make it sparkle!

  6. You are very brave using black fabric to stitch on, I have been cross stitching for years but find dark colours tricky to see the holes. Thank you for a lovely giveaway too. I love Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast, it is just fun to see and listen to. x

    1. At least it’s easier to cross stitch on black than to stitch black thread on black garments. Thanks for stopping by! On 2015-01-14 5:29 AM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  7. What a beautiful, elegant Tammy you made. Wonderful!

  8. Your bag and pinny are both wonderful!

  9. Sewing on black was simply brilliant! It is lusciously elegant and absolutely gorgeous. Your creativity is inspirational. blessings, marlene

  10. Love your Tammy on the black aida! I have cross stitched my fair share of pieces on black and other dark colors and it is definitely hard on the eyes. Love the color changes within the design. Your Tammy rocks!

    1. It can be hard to trust my creative instincts, but I love to be unique and make something different from everyone else. 😉 On 2015-01-14 7:29 AM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  11. Your bag is so regal. Absolutely gorgeous. Love the cardinal.

  12. Love your stitching on black and your cardinal is a cutie 🙂

  13. I love your cross stitching on black…wow! It definitely makes that beautiful design pop! Cute, cute pinny, too! As a huge fan of Mary Poppins and anything Disney, I have A Spoonful of Sugar singing in my head right now. :O)

  14. I love your take on the winter panel and the black Tammy fabric! What elegant choices!

  15. I just love it. That winter design is just do elegant. Love your decorative stitching. It sure adds a zing to things. Beautiful job!

  16. Your bag is just so elegant! I love the added details and great improvising.

  17. It so fabulous on black. Love the handle you ended up with.

  18. Simply PERFECTION. You made a lovely Tammy bag very happy with all your talent!

  19. I love your Tammy and your Pinny is wonderful. It was a very good choice to use black aida. Thank you for you being part of this blog hop and sharing your creativity.

  20. Your Tammy is beautiful!! I love your use of seed beads on the train. I’ll have to stitch another one and use that idea!!

    1. I didn’t realize the pattern called for seed beads in the snowflakes too until after they were stitched lol. But the intersections in the train didn’t stand out with just the floss. On 2015-01-14 12:41 PM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  21. Your Tammy Bag is stunning! What a beautiful, elegant keepsake. I love the winter pattern and it looks great on this background. The changes you made with the dress match your satin beautifully. Your pinny turned out very cute, too.

    My favorite Disney song is Colors of the Wind. My hubby and I had an opportunity to spend some time in Switzerland. While we were there, we watched Pocahontas in a movie theater and it played a version of Colors of the Wind that I really should try to hunt down on-line. The entire song seamlessly switched from one language to another. I have no idea how many languages they fit into that one familiar song, but it was unforgettably beautiful. (Hearing Sebastian sing Under the Sea in German is my 2nd favorite Disney song.)

    1. While you’re at it, look up the version of Let It Go in 33 languages 😀 On 2015-01-14 12:43 PM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  22. What an elegant bag. You did a wonderful job on it. Funny how everyone the world over complains about their postal service. LOL Just more proof that we are all the same, everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Truly a work of art. Love your changes to the pattern, it is so elegant! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Lisa your Cross Stitching is gorgeous and on black fabric that makes it even trickier to see and count! Your Tammy bag is very elegant and beautiful. Love the Pinnie with your Red Cardinal. Thank you sew very much for hopping. I shall not participate in your generous give as I could never see to Cross Stitch such a lovely pattern. Creative Tammy Bliss…

  25. Your bag and pinny are cute as a button. I love the fabric you chose for the bag and I adore your little cardinal. We don’t have any where we live. Just our entertaining blue jays

  26. I see you were finally able to cut out the cross-stitch pattern. Now that wasn’t so hard now, was it?

    1. I did have to create a template, by cutting the center out of the pattern piece, so that I could make sure the design was centered. It was still scary 😉 On 2015-01-14 3:57 PM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  27. You did a beautiful job on your Tammy Bag and Pinny. I love them both. All the little extras you did are so pretty. Thank you for being part of this fun hop.

  28. Oh my goodness…. that pattern on black…ahhhh gorgeous!!! Love your fabric choice for the bag. It turned out just wonderful! I love what you did with your Pinny… the cardinal – beautiful. I love your machine applique, turned out just perfect! Hope you have a wonderful day. ~Cori

  29. You made such an elegant Tammy bag. Looks like just the thing for anight on the town! Love the black aida cloth. too. “It’s a Small World” gets stuck in my head often…and blogging sure makes that a reality!!

    1. That is another classic! On 2015-01-14 8:23 PM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  30. Simply stunning Lisa!! So elegent stitched on black…love the seed beads!! Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your beautiful Tammy bag!! Happy stitching, Pauline

  31. Leslie Schmidt · ·

    Just stunning! The bag is quite elegant and the spunky little cardinal is a great touch. The handle clasp is gorgeous. It adds the right bit of class to the whole project. Beautiful!

    Leslie S. in MN

  32. Lovely Tammy Bag, and pinny. LOL your struggles, which I know are not funny regarding the mail I had been contemplating right before reading your post.

  33. Beautiful-so elegant. Love the sparkles you added. The black background really sets it off.

  34. Susan in OK · ·

    `i love the addition of the threads. I had thought about it and didn’t because I double my thread and didn’t want the additional thread to track when starting or to have to have two threads that were not the result of doubling. I did things as easily as possible. I too have astigmatism and I had surgery on both my eyes a little over a year ago and have prisms in both my lens. I still had to get a magnifier to see the holes. I started out on 28 count and had to go to 14 count. The magnifier rests on my chest and having to turn my head to be able to see made the magnifier fall most of the time. So, I understand your struggles, too. I adore the changes you made in the pattern. I was thrilled with your using the stitches on your machine and adding the fabric to the bottom of the cross stitch fabric to make it long enough for the pattern. Very creative. Your project is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your marvelous project and sharing your tribulations and triumphs.

  35. You did an outstanding job on your Tammy,it is stunningly beautiful!

  36. Sandra Davidson · ·

    Very beautiful and I loved the colours you chose. I use to cross stitch with eyesight problems and arthritis I gave it up. Your piny is lovely with the Cardinal my favourite bird. I understand your angst with Canada Post I live in Stratford and it always amazes me at how much longer things take when I order from Canada . Blessings Sandra

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  38. Your cross stitch is lovely stitched on black. The top stitching is a nice touch.

  39. It really turned out beautiful. Nicely done.

  40. Your cross stitch is stunning. I love the look of it on black. Great job!

  41. great frozen connection! i love the rich look of the silver

  42. Wow, Lisa! I love the cross-stitch on the black. It’s stunning. and the moire fabric – well, it was all worth the effort. Very elegant. Perfect for the “Frozen” theme. Hard to pick just one Disney song… I love “That’s How You Know” from Enchanted. And the happy little working song, lol!

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