Pumpkin watch

Only one pumpkin so far, and it’s the one I hand pollinated two weeks ago. I found something to give a sense of scale; check back next week for another shot of our little friend.

2 weeks after pollination

2 weeks after pollination

We’ve gotten some tomatoes, but I’m almost ready to go ahead and pull out the plants because of the late blight.

The sunflowers are nice however. I save the heads in the freezer and put them out mid-winter for the squirrels and birds. We had one massive head — bigger than a dinner plate — last year that lasted about 4 days. The sky is an amazing shade of blue at this time of year.

Sunflowers September 7

Sunflowers September 7

We went up to Corbett’s Dam to see the salmon jumping; not too many fish, or spectators, yet. There is a fish ladder, for the ones who figure it out to move farther upstream before spawning.

Corbett's Dam at Cavan and Jocelyn, Port Hope

Corbett’s Dam at Cavan and Jocelyn, Port Hope



  1. I do hope your pumpkin survives : )

    1. I can carve a small pumpkin much more easily than a big one. I’m debating adding some mulch under it but I’m a little afraid to touch it and damage it. On Sep 10, 2014 1:58 AM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  2. […] the pumpkin has gotten bigger. A touch of frost the other morning, and the plant is starting to die, so I’m sure […]

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