A Basket Finish (TGIFF)

I posted a few weeks ago about the beginning of this fabric basket. The recipient of this secret swap (Flickr Super Swaps) had sent that her sewing area was decorated in blues, invoking the sea. And as she lives in Greece, I had seen photos from her blog of the brilliant blues and greens she could see on a daily basis, under the bright sun, so I wanted to bring that feeling into the basket.

My first attempt didn’t really work. I strip pieced blues and formed this X block. But, meh. Too much variation in the values perhaps?

Panel for August Superswap #spiralquilting

I decided that triangles would give me the feeling of waves, and pulled fabrics for an ombre effect, perhaps of shallow to deep water, or the sea extending to the distant sky. Yahoo, we have a winner!


I split this in half for the two ends and quilted in a spiral.  Then I added the other sides,  following this fabulous tutorial from 2 Little Hooligans (which I had pinned on my Pinterest). A few extras, and it was done and in the mail. Pop over to Mara’s blog at Secretly Stitching and say hi from me :).


Divided outside pockets


Finished basket showing end panel

A fun make for August, and I look forward to the next swap in this group! Linking up to TGIFF at Quokka Quilts. ETA a link to Saturday Swaps with Drowning in Fabric.


  1. Fab basket, handy for all those homeless odds and ends we crafters seem to have. The traingles are a triumph.

    1. Mara loved it and it was a fairly easy make, I’ll have to make another for me!

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