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Do you have a gorgeous, Pinterest-worthy studio, with everything you need at your fingertips, or do you squeeze your sewing machine into a corner of the kids playroom? Check out the series that Mad About Patchwork is running on their blog called Sew Canadian, to see how sewists across the country make space to craft.

We have a 150-year old house, and some of the rooms are pretty small. When we renovated in 2006, my husband suggested we make this room an upstairs laundry and sewing area. This is the untidy version (who am I kidding, this is normal) showing clean laundry in the basket, a box of batting on the washing machine, and my sewing machine set up on the cutting table to give me more room to free motion quilt.

Above the ironing board is most of my quilting stash, with my grandmother’s button containers and some notions, more notions, trims, and elastic are under the dryer.

fabric storage

wip and extra machines

The bakers rack holds WIP, my Anna Maria Horner stash, and 2 vintage machines which need some work. I put my Husqvarna here normally. Beside it is other craft items and my yarn stash.

The overflow is in the spare bedroom, across the hall consisting of garment fabrics, purchases not yet put away, and quilt tops. The pile of black are wool capes for the marching band which need mending.

spare room


Other facts you may want to know, based on the questions the other sewists answered:
-my favourite quilting snack is chocolate
-I love the natural light (north and east windows) and the daylight fluorescent bulbs in this room
-my current favourite tool is the hex’n’more ruler, I have been making a lot of triangles lately
-I like to listen to Bonnie Hunter Quiltcam while sewing, usually in archives, but lately I’ve been listening to the TED talks on youtube

on my table today

on my table today

If you have a photo or blog post of your sewing space, please leave me a comment so I can come visit!

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  1. Oh my heart! I would love a tour if a 150 year old house. So much character : )
    I have that same magazine on my sewing table

    1. It is all brick construction (literally, there is no exterior frame) and we have renovated it heavily to add insulation, replace all the windows, etc, and we added a substantial addition to the back which holds our kitchen and master bedroom. One day we’ll get around to putting in the baseboards 🙂

  2. This is reality for most of us. You reminded me of a story:
    Years ago a magazine showcased the studios several professional quilters, including Ruth McDowell whose studio was very small and old. As she recounted in her lectures, they published photos of her gorgeous gardens with one itty-bitty photo of her studio.
    So you can say you quilt in the Ruth McDowell style.

    1. Exactly! (and dare I say, it kind of matches the rest of the house lol)

  3. kaystephenson · ·

    I don’t think I have the courage to blog about my chaotic subterranean “studio” but it sure did my heart good to see yours. Who can relate to quilters that maintain a company-ready sewing space? I’m definitely the piles here and piles there sort of sewist.

    1. I feel fortunate to have a space where I can leave everything out and be ready to go the next time, it feeds my soul.

  4. So nice to know all good quilts don’t come from spiffy places. I think the link will lead you to a photo of half of mine, the sewing machine in the bathroom (It is an unnecessarily large one). If it does, the next link leads to my stash and cutting table in the bedroom.

    1. I think spaces such as ours are the rule, and the huge white rooms on Pinterest are the exception, but if I ever win the lottery…

  5. The Sassy Quilter · ·

    I love it! Keeping it real:) My brother lives with me and when he joined the navy….I told him he just lost his room, sorry, but I needed a studio:) He got over it pretty quick,haha. We need our space!

    1. The spare room gets reorganized every time the in-laws come to visit, I really need to get these WIP under control so I don’t have much overflow! On Aug 15, 2014 9:17 AM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  6. It has been so much fun to get a peek into everyone’s sewing spaces through the Mad About Patchwork series. And I really like your space, Lisa! You are so right… Natural light is something I wish I had more of in my sewing room. Hope you do have plans for finishing that Broken Herringbone quilt top I see!

    1. The broken herringbone quilt will be right after the triangle QAL quilt ( which is under it upside down)…I really want to get some of WIP done so I can start a new project! On Aug 15, 2014 4:42 PM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  7. You have great light to sew and love it.There are beautiful projects.Have a fun weekend!

    1. My sewing room is my happy place. Thanks for stopping by!

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