Balancing (Sunday Stash)

I’m forced to admit that those pop-up sales have snared me again. This time it was @quilterssquare, clearing out their store so they could make room for some new arrivals.

Sunnyside by Kate Spain

Sunnyside by Kate Spain

Pretty, isn’t it? I grabbed the orange pods (Luster in Glow) for backing, and half yards of the other two as potential for binding (although I may also decide to use some of my embarrassingly large Honey Honey stash).

But so as to balance it out, even before the package arrived I unrolled my Sunnyside jelly roll and started sewing and cutting triangles for the quilt top, using the Beachball baby quilt tutorial (written by Jess of The Elven Garden) from Moda Bake Shop. I have most of the sets together but only one set of triangles made so far. By slightly offsetting the ends of the strips, I was able to get 10 triangles from each set of 3, not nine, so I should have a nice big quilt at the end.

Cutting triangles for beach ball baby quilt

Cutting triangles for beach ball baby quilt

And as luck would have it, I discovered this colour catcher product at my local Metro. I know that a lot of people use the Shout brand, but I’ve never seen it here in Canada, so I am looking forward to checking out this one (it should work well, since it is made by a doctor, right?).

july colour catcher

Wish me luck at keeping everything in balance! Linking up to the superiffic Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash.



  1. Is it Sunday there already? Lol. I caved in too this week and ordered some Indelible from Sew Sisters 0ut your way. Have you ordered from them? I hope it comes quick : )

    1. Well, it’s Sunday in Australia! I have won a couple of prizes, and purchased in person at Sew Sisters at the Creativ festival, but I’ve never actually ordered online from them.

  2. It doesn’t matter how much I cut and sew, my stash keeps growing!!! Great additions to your stash.

    1. I have a hard time using up some of the bigger cuts, but I am trying to be bold and remember that there’s always more fabric in the shops to buy…

  3. Great addition to your stash! Ps: I want to know more about this ruler. Do you use it often? Do you find it useful? What do you use it for mainly?

    1. I bought this ruler because I wanted a triangle ruler but it seemed to be a better value because it will do the hexagons and other shapes too, although I have only made triangles with it!

  4. I’ve used the Dr Beckman’s colour catchers — they seem to work pretty well! At least, I washed a quilt that had already bled a lot all over itself (and then been successfully cleaned with Dylon SOS Colour Run) with two of the sheets and they come out very red and the quilt didn’t! I’ve only used one or two since then and they always seem to pull colour out of the wash, even on things I didn’t think would run.

    1. That’s good to know, thanks! I have a front loader so I worry about the fact with less water in the machine, more of the quilt will touch itself. I mostly pre-wash my fabric but this will be a good safety harness.

  5. awe, I used to live in Edmonton and seeing that you live in Canada made me a bit misty. We love fabric sales!! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

    1. I’m a long way from Edmonton, but we’re all still Canadian, and a we have a holiday Monday today :P.

  6. I’ve just used the Kate Spain on the right as a lining on a bag, and the blue/coral print of the one on the left as the outer! I’m posting about it tomorrow if you want to see

    1. I love the use of orange in her prints, and I’ll come back to see your bag!

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