Spring, ho! (a giveaway)

*Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations Brenda!*

Thank YOU for visiting from Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway day–please grab your favourite beverage, put up your feet, and gab a bit.  I like to share what I’m working on and the inspiration I gain from you, my friends. You can also follow me on Flickr or Instagram, if those are social media platforms you use.

If you haven’t been here before, take a look around at what else I’ve been working on, and bookmark or follow me to come back again. I do a little of everything–patchwork, quilting, clothing, pouches and totes, even knitting! At this time of year, I also share numerous photos of the garden as it bursts gloriously into flower.  I have been busy transplanting tomatoes and starting other seeds in preparation for planting out in late May.

Our front garden

Our front garden

Loops progress
I am just finishing up the binding on my Easy Street twin size quilt (mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter) for my daughter, please do come back later in the week to see the completed quilt.  This is of course in 30’s repro style fabrics, which I love, although most of the rest of my stash is more modern.  Yes, I have a split quilting-personality.
AMH and Solids
Another recent project is my triangle quilt, using four Anna Maria Horner prints and Kona solids, which I am still quilting.  Click over to see my row piecing and quilting progress posts.  I backed it with this gorgeous turquoise print from 1001 Peeps by Lizzie House.  And guess what, you get to share!  I am giving away the rest of the cut from the back, approximately 27″ wide x 56″ long.  Certainly enough to make a fantastic pillowcase, or a tote bag (or two!) for your favourite teacher for the end of school.
1001 Peeps giveaway
And my daughter was a big help with the photo shoot.
1001 Peeps - the outtake
Leave me a comment about your tastes as a sewist or quilter — do you prefer modern fabrics and designs, or more traditional blocks and fabrics?  Why? I will pick randomly from the comments and ship anywhere in the world. Comments close on May 16 at 8 pm EDT.
SMS giveaway day


  1. Jodi R · ·

    I seem to tend more towards the Modern fabrics but with a slightly conservative aesthetic. Not sure why – just seems to be what I am attracted to.

  2. I like to use modern fabrics but i will gladly pair them with traditional blocks or patterns!
    Thanks for the chance Lisa!

  3. I like more traditional patterns and fabric.

  4. I really prefer traditional blocks, but I make all kinds. I love quilting.

  5. Lynda H · ·

    I work with the modern prints and solids – do not own any of the 30’s repo, thimbleberries, or reproduction fabrics – I do like the art deco prints however.

  6. Scrappy quilts. I have done many traditional patterns but am now enjoying more modern designs.

  7. I like modern fabrics but tend to lean more to traditional patterns. However, there are a lot more modern patterns to which I am growing fond.

  8. I like traditional quilts in bright colors and fun prints

  9. I’m a more traditional quilter, but have seen some wonderful modern quilts I’ve thought about making. I’m working on Bonnies’ Celtic Solstice. Her patterns are wonderful.

  10. Trae Flesher · ·

    I prefer modern designs and prints – Kaffe is my fave! TraeFlesher@hotmail.com

  11. toffeepops · ·

    What a beautiful print! I am new to quilting, so still finding my way. But I have seen some really lovely modern designs that I am going back to revisit. I think I also go more for modern prints as well… Thanks for the chance!

  12. I love modern and tradition. I think I love anything quilt wise.

  13. I prefer modern designs. They are cleaner. (nibblet42@aol.com)

  14. Cindy Weaver · ·

    I prefer traditional patterns in a variety of materials.

  15. Allison D · ·

    I gravitate toward more modern designs.

  16. Chiska · ·

    I like both. I love the clean sharp lines of modern colors and fabrics. I like the connection to history that the more traditional fabric and patterns have.

  17. Dana Cargill · ·

    I like traditional designs using modern fabrics. Of course, there is not much that I absolutely don’t like.

  18. Jill R · ·

    I like traditional designs using modern fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. jayardi · ·

    • • • I like the modern quilts, but prefer traditional fabrics.

  20. carriem · ·

    probably modern, but I enjoy both!

  21. I am enjoying the modern prints. 🙂

  22. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I enjoy all sorts of pattern/fabric styles, but I suppose I lean more towards the traditional ones for who knows what reason =) .

  23. I’m a modern girl but mostly just a quilter.

  24. I love modern fabrics in traditional quilts. Updates them a little!

  25. I love modern fabrics and traditional fabrics as well as modern quilt and traditional quilts. I like to keep things mixed up. I also love to sew quilts, crafts, clothing and anything made from fabric.

  26. breannaS · ·

    I tend to be drawn to modern blocks but always end up using traditional patterns.

  27. Teresa W · ·

    Tough question. I really like both. For little kids quilts, I like to use modern prints and designs. But I also LOVE vintage prints for making dolls and doll clothes.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  28. sweetandsaltydesigns · ·

    I prefer modern fabrics but both kinds of blocks. Amazing how many old blocks are coming back into fashion again!

  29. I usually go more traditional than modern, but when it comes to quilts I like it all!

  30. April G · ·

    I’m usually a modern girl, but sometimes I just want some retro florals!

  31. Jane B · ·

    I’m a scrap quilter and also a fan of Bonnie Hunter’s. I also love the modern quilts that I see and all the energy generated by the online community. I am a contributor to 15 Minutes of Play blog and have a flickr account: janequiltsslowly. I am also on instagram, but just starting to figure it out.

  32. Krista Bernal · ·

    I definitely prefer a nice mix.I love modern prints, but I also like to pair them with classic or traditional ones. =)

  33. I like modern fabrics with traditional blocks in modern layouts. I like to complicate things. 🙂

  34. marjolein · ·

    I sew mostly kids clothes, and am a fan of modern fabrics.

  35. I prefer vintage floral fabrics. Thanks for a chance to win! julia(dot)glotova(at)gmail(dot)com

  36. I LOVE that fabric. What kind of quilter am I? Eclectic. I like contemporary, reproduction, tradition patterns reinterpreted in modern fabrics, almost anything can catch my eye. I’m particularly drawn to deep rich colors and to intricate designs.

  37. Jackie W · ·

    I love modern material with tradition blocks.

  38. MoeWest · ·

    I have eclectic tastes. There is no telling what will appeal to me!

  39. Michelle Smith · ·

    I like a mix of fabrics. I prefer batiks and modern type of prints. I’m not a big fan of romantic style prints

    detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

  40. I like a mixture of everything!

  41. I am definitely drawn to the more modern prints – they seem just less fussy? But I do love using more modern fabrics in traditional quilt blocks.

  42. I love all of it. I go through phases. I love modern fabric and traditional blocks made new. But I do love a good civil war quilt too! Keeps life interesting.

  43. I am finding myself drawn to eclectic and modern fabrics. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  44. I love modern fabrics and designs- there’s something about the bold colors, contrasts, wide negative spaces that just feels fresh and pleasing to my eye.

  45. Karen B · ·

    I like more modern fabrics with traditional designs. Thanks.

  46. Beth Nickel · ·

    I love mostly traditional blocks but love all fabric!

    Thanks for this chance!

  47. DebbieK · ·

    Fun! I usually lean toward modern fabrics and patterns. Thanks!

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