Quilting Planning and Marking

Marking your quilts and a Puzzle Solved

Air erasable pen–or is it

How do you mark your sewing lines or quilt patterns? I have to confess, most of the time for sewing (marking HST or flying geese, for example), I use one of:
-mechanical pencil
-pink pencil crayon (excellent on blue fabrics)
-white pencil crayon (yes, its handy having a 4-year old in the house)

For my triangle quilt top, I tried all of those and couldn’t get a marking that was readable and would survive handling, so I bought this pen. In pictures, you see my dilemma.

using friction

using friction

applying heat

applying heat

gone!-by heat

gone!-by heat

And the words return in the freezer, as they should for a heat-erasable pen.

Well, it still didn’t mark very well, so I decided to just go for it without marking. As I quilted each triangle, I placed the end of my thumb approximately where I wanted to sew to, then made a reasonably straight line to that point. Shifted my hands and did the next line, and so on.
triangle quilting
For planning my quilting, I like to use a drawing app (Doodletext or Aviary), to test my quilting design. This quilt-a-long was handy because I could “borrow” a picture of a completed quilt top while I was still piecing mine.

First diamond quilting

First diamond quilting

Once I got the first diamonds done, it didn’t seem enough so I added the in-between stitching going the other direction. And then I did some more doodling…
i am never going to get done at this rate.  I'm thinking of adding more #fmq, any comments? #triangleqal  #aviaryapp

(I really prefer to create on the fly in all my quilt-making, just adding fabrics or quilting which appeals to me rather than being locked into a specific pattern).

Oh, and by the way, do remember this unknown Sunday Stash fabric?
sunday stash fabric
I did an etsy search and found out that it’s Cosmos Allusions by Dan Bennett for Rowan.

Linking up to I Quilt with Gemma at Pretty Bobbins and Let’s Bee Social with Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.
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  1. I avoid marking quilting like the plague. If I need straight lines, I use blue painters’ tape. Otherwise I freehand it, very like you described doing.

  2. Hello Lisa!
    I have one of those frixion pens too, but I only use it while piecing and not on the top of the fabric. I have read so much about these pens: good and bad. I also use pictures to draw the FMQ on, or I use a big plexiglass sheet I put on top of the quilt top and draw on that with a dry erase marker.
    Bye bye

  3. I love the stitched design, looks great🙂

  4. I have a couple of those pens, too. But, like Esther, I only use it where it will never be seen. Your quilting of the triangles into diamonds looks beautiful. You sew, girlfriend! Quilt on!

    1. I think I’ll continue to rely on a regular pencil if I need to mark quilting, it seems to wash out just fine. On May 9, 2014 12:14 PM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  5. Your quilting looks cool. I use masking tape for straight lines and I marked some outlines with Frixion pen as well. Not much experience on my side yet🙂

    1. I’ve never tried masking tape, thanks for the tip! On May 9, 2014 4:34 PM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


    1. Thanks for stopping by!

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