I need to sew faster (Sunday Stash)

On Friday morning, I posted about a dilemma with my fabric selections for my Easy Street quilt borders. Bolstered by your advice, I made a flying visit to Fabricland (Ontario chain store, I went to the one in Peterborough) on Friday evening, with some good bargains to be had. Although I purchased some potential border fabric, in the light of the next morning (why do fabric stores have such terrible lighting?), I decided to stick with the most popular choice, the solid pink (Kona carnation).

So let’s see those bargains, shall we?

First up, some prints for garment making. I scanned the sale rack at the back of the store and pick up this lovely pink & blue floral, very lightweight to make some cool capris and shorts for my daughter, and the purple metallic for a very twirly skirt (each $3/m). The purple is polyester, and tending to run and pill, so I’m not going to invest a lot of time in it, but she will love it. The cotton floral in the middle is a Joanne cotton ($9/m) (from the US chain?), and a bit coarser than quilting cotton, but has nice drape.
garment prints march 23
Next I bought 3 metres of the bright pink textured cotton woven, perhaps for a top for me (I am eyeing up this pattern but feel free to leave me some suggestions!), also $3/m.
cotton solid march 23
Then I returned to the quilting section and examined the “VIP” section closely. I have learned that this is where Fabricland hides the designer prints, which today were $7.50/m after my membership discount. I was thrilled with the 1001 Peeps, and bought 3.5 m (almost 4 yards) to use as backing of the Triangle QAL quilt I am planning to make. The blue and pink feedsack was my potential border, and the Dear Stella is, well, because it’s pink (1.5 m).

quilting prints march 23

I have the borders on to the Easy Street quilt now, so once it’s basted (oh yeah, I also bought 300 basting pins), I will get some stuff done!

And I want to show off the Liberty lawn I recently received from the Greene Stitch Co., using my winnings from linking up to the Q4 Finish A Long. Two half-yards and a fat eighth, I will be using these for dress bodices for my daughter. As you can see, I asked for more graphic prints rather than the floral calico types.
liberty lawn march 23

Linking up with Kristel at Work-in-Progress Girl (who seems to have been visiting Fabricland in her area of Canada) for Sunday Stash!
sunday stash



  1. Oh I love those Liberty fabrics! The peacock feathers would make such a sweet dress!

    I always get excited when I go into a chain store here, and find designer fabrics. A couple of weeks ago I saw they had some of Lizzy House’s Constellations and I almost bought it… except I still have some from when I ordered it online when it was released so I don’t really need it haha!

    1. The 1001 Peeps didn’t jump out at first, but now I’m almost regretting not buying another 4 metres, the colours are so luscious.

  2. You did find some nice bargains. That is the fun of shopping. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a wonderful find- I love that 1001 peeps line!

    1. I wouldn’t normally buy this style, i like flora and fauna type graphic prints, but it will be perfect to back a baby quilt

  4. Crazy that you found 1001 Peeps there… I wonder if they sent any of it out west — I don’t need it, but I’d probably wind up buying it… (Oh, but right. Fabric diet.) I always have a hard time looking through the VIP section because (at least at my store) they have so much crap in there. I think my eye just travels past anything good.

    1. They seem to get a random selection of older prints, but it’s like thrift shopping, you just never know what you’ll find.

    2. Yeah, you’re right about that. Last fall I found some rather old Laura Gunn poppy prints at my one. It was just so random and completely out of the blue.

  5. Great fabric purchases!! I absolutely love that liberty peacock feather print. WOW!!!!

    1. I’m going to have the best dressed daughter around 🙂

  6. Great fabrics! LOVE that dear stella in pink!!! and of course the peacock feather fabric looks really nice! You’ll be busy!!

    1. With a 4-year old, I know I’ll use pink fabric often! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. We all need to sew a bit faster! haha I love the peeps, and that Liberty is just gorgeous. Nice stashing.

  8. Great fabric! I love a good deal.

  9. Oh that Lizzy House was a good find! Ironically I was a Q4 FAL winner too, I won a Jelly Roll. Your winnings sure are pretty!

    1. Winning is fun but it creates more projects…Thanks for stopping by!

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