Log Cabin Love – A pillow

A quick finish to share with you today, unfortunately I have been working extra hours all week and this is cutting into my sewing time.

I joined the X-factor pillow swap on Flickr a few months ago. The premise is that you make a pillow cover to a certain theme, then post it in the Flickr group. Through a voting process, partners get assigned and the completed pillow covers mailed out. I really enjoyed it because I only needed to worry about satisfying my own design aesthetic, and not pleasing someone else. The theme of log cabin + text, plus the timing (2 weeks to Valentines!), led to the design of this heart-shaped log cabin. I followed a pattern in a book which made a 4” block and scaled it up to approximately 12”, then added a border.
log cabin love pillow

Here is a really rough tutorial if you would like to make your own:

You make four blocks, then put them together to make the heart.
Straight log cabins (bottom) – red strips and white strips all cut at 1-3/8”
Curved log cabins (top) – red strips cut at 1-5/8”, white strips cut at 1-1/8”
Add another piece of white on a diagonal across the top corner of the curved block to make the top. Note, these finished, for me, at about 6.75” and weren’t quite square, which doesn’t matter for a pillow, but I wouldn’t recommend you making a quilt block using these measurements.
I don’t need to tell you how to make a log cabin block, do I? Leave me a comment if you would like a more detailed tutorial.

(Hint, it’s a lot easier to just start with all the strips the same width and trim each round as required after stitching. It also allows you to square up your rounds if they get wonky. Just sayin’.)

For quilting, I went with a meander with loops and hearts — super quick and I was quite happy with the result. I used pebbles in the background, and was pleased at how the seam lines seemed to disappear. Finally, I used a simple lazy eight FMQ in the gray border. Batting is Warm and Natural.
IMGP3596 s

IMGP3598 s

A little easier to see the quilting on the back, I used an inexpensive piece of cotton from my local chain as the backing.
I even made a label! This is a 3” x 4” piece of muslin—stitch the sides and turn inside out, then zig zag in place on the inside seam. The writing is with a permanent fabric marker. And yes, I really need to redo my nail polish. I finished it off with an invisible zipper.
In other news, I just got a new smartphone (to replace my dumbphone) so I have created a profile on instagram, @lisainporthope.

Linking to I Quilt Thursday with Gemma at Pretty Bobbins and TGIFF with Jo at Riddle and Whimsy.



  1. Well that turned out cute. Aren’t pebbles fun to quilt?

    1. They are! I may have to add them to everything, tee hee.

  2. Nice. I made a couple pillows before I realized I needed to ad a border tokeep the pattern on top.

    1. I like tapering the corners, so I need the border so I don’t lose part of my pattern to the taper.

  3. This is very cute. I may need to borrow this pattern. Thanks for the tutorial, Lisa.

  4. This is gorgeous Lisa! Found you via Pretty Bobbins.

    1. So glad you stopped in to visit!

  5. What a clever idea to use the blocks that way! I’m not really big into Valentines but I’ve been thinking it would be nice to decorate for it. Your pebbles look great too! I’m still trying to figure out how to do them so they don’t look like little tight crumbs 🙂

    1. I just try to keep them about the size of a quarter.

  6. I love the colours and prints you’ve chosen and using the log cabins that way is so innovative!!! Thanks for linking up 🙂

  7. This is really cool, love it.

    1. Thanks for visiting!

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