Fabric Love – 2014 Sugar Block Club

I finally had a chance to photograph my fabric choices for the 2014 Sugar Block Club, with Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock.  I started following Amy’s blog in 2011, before her immensely successful block-of-the-month with Craftsy, and the 2014 BOM club is a Christmas gift for me (you may realize, I bought a lot of fabric-y gifts for me this year.  That’s ok, I deserved them.)

Last year the Town had planted some flower beds with a combination of yellow, magenta, and lime plants and flowers, plus I do love purple, so I had been musing about doing a sampler quilt with purple and lime.  Yes, even before the colour of the year was named Radiant Orchid.  Imagine that, I am ahead of the curve (for a change).

So anyway, I am really looking forward to this BOM.  I hope to use each month’s block as a time for me to reflect on sticky problems in my life, without the pressure of sewing for anyone else.

I settled on a palette of purple with turquoise and lime, and low volume backgrounds which are cream/beige.  This is all stash fabric; I was a bit disappointed that more of the Alison Glass Sunprints didn’t make it in, but the colours just didn’t want to play nice.  I may add more accents of red-purple/pink/magenta or yellow, if the block that month seems to call for it.  I am planning to sash in brown–I have lots, and don’t seem to use it very much.


Starting at the bottom, the Amy Butler passion lily was unearthed at my local chain, Fabricland, for $7/m — so I bought 3 metres.  I have cut off about 10″ to use in the piecing, and I will make this the bulk of the backing.

Greens:  Happy Thoughts in Leaf (Odds & Ends, Moda), Essential Dots in Chartreuse (Connecting Threads), Kate Spain Honey Honey Blossom in Light Green

Blues: Sunprints in Prussian and Teal, Garden (Free Spirit), and 2 fat quarters from a Fabric Lover’s bundle I won from Heather at Books and Quilts during the Sew Sisters Canada Blogathon in November.

Purples: Novella by Valori Wells, Journeys (Free Spirit), Sunprints in Eggplant and Dahlia, Anna Maria Horner True Colors Sealing Wax in Amethyst

Backgrounds (from the bottom):  the music print is from my LQS and is by Northcott, the next 5 are from a Timeless Treasures Villageware Toile from Andover bundle I won from Sew We Quilt back in May and the Sew Sisters bundle, and the top is Koi Ebb and Flow by Rashida Coleman-Hale (I love the colours in this one).

Whew, I’m exhausted.  Some of these are prewashed, so now I suppose I’ll have to go and wash the rest.  Any thoughts mixing washed and not-washed fabrics?

This was a new photo location for me, with a sheet thrown over a chair, because outside looks like this:

Ominous snow clouds January 26

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Very pretty bundle of joy you have there!
    I always prewash my fabrics, even the FQs. The only exception are the little swatches I get with an order from my online quilt shop. I have no real experience with mixing washed not not washed fabrics. Washing fabric does not prevent bleeding with some pesky fabrics, I discovered a few weeks ago.

    1. Yes, I have mixed some washed and unwashed, but I have discovered that even washed fabrics will shrink, so I think I will have to wash these as well. I even bought a pinking blade for my rotary cutter to trim the edges first.

  2. Love the color palette 🙂 I am using the same for a quilt of mine. Thank you for going through all of those fabrics, I need a few more lime ones and love the ones you have chosen.

  3. Gorgeous stack of fabrics you have there! I really like the purple, turquoise and lime combo!

  4. Gorgeous palette! That’s a beautiful Amy butler print too!

  5. Those fabrics look great! I just finished my first block. Sharing later this week. Cant wait to see yours:)

  6. Ooh I very much love that Koi Ebb and Flow. Evokes a much warmer climate than what you’re grappling with at the moment ; ) Stay warm!

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