Boxing Day Deals – Sunday Stash

Well, it was on sale! So I had to!

Now, seriously, I have a great fondness for Kate Spain, so I decided to pick up a jelly roll of Sunnyside before it was difficult to find. I looked through etsy for a vendor with a decent shipping price to Canada, and was pleased to find Maggie Anne, who was also offering a holiday sale. I’m not sure what I will make with this, but it fits in with my 2014 resolution to use precuts to accelerate my quilt making.
Sunnyside jelly roll
Plus a few pretties from Fabric Spot–backing and binding (Little Azalea Delphine, Begonia) and some Kona coral for a quilt top which only exists as precut hexagons (ahem, must get sewing), and some Anna Maria Horner (Hand Drawn Garden Fanfare in Jewel) with matching solids (Kona cerise and caribbean).
Little Azalea Sunday Stash
AMH sunday stash
It’s January in Canada, so daylight is weak when it is around at all, but these photos were taken in my sewing room which is lit with daylight spectrum fluorescents. By comparison I offer this photo taken in the spare room lit by regular compact fluorescents.
Lighting differences
Linking up to the fabulous Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash.
Molli Sparkles



  1. Sunnyside is a fun line! I love all the little raindrop prints, but was vaguely disappointed that it has so few yellows/oranges. (But I guess that’s the thing about yellow – it doesn’t take very much before it starts overtaking a quilt, so it doesn’t need to be even half the line to do half the heavy lifting.)

    Photography in Canadian winters…. I asked for a light box for Christmas, and got one, but since I only got lights for the sides (but not for the top) I’m still having a hard time getting enough light to make it look natural (even though it’s not) instead of dreary and underlit. (I need to take the cover off the overhead light in my sewing room, I guess: it’s got a pretty miserable 60 watt old-school style bulb in it that can barely send a light stream through the light cover. But I can’t stand the waste of switching it out for something brighter when it still works, even if it works badly. I wish it would hurry up and burn out!)

  2. Love the Sunnyside. I’ve yet to get my hands on it, but there’s not a single print in the line that I don’t enjoy.

    Just about the only the time I’ll even try to take photos in Canadian winters is right midday. Between the low light and all the glare from the snow it’s just a fight to get decent light … and with the knee high snow it’s not worth trudging outdoors for decent shots either.

    1. I’m experimenting with a setup in a north facing window of my house–in which case the snow (practically solid ice at the moment) helps to reflect the available light. But I can only do that on the weekends when I’m at home during the day. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

  3. I too love Kate Spain. Fun addition to your stash.

  4. Oooh! Look at all these lovelies! I’m jealous of all of it! 🙂 I really need to pick up some Sunnyside. I love the raindrops! What a nice haul you have. 🙂

  5. Precuts definitely help get things made faster – I’ve made a couple of quilts using a charm pack and neutral background colours, have yet to use a jelly roll though!

    1. This one has some nice low volume prints, so I’m not sure if I will add a background or just use what’s there.

  6. Lovely fabrics! I’ve been remiss having postings on my blog because I can’t seem to get a decent photo – and I continually blame it on Canadian winter, too! I’m at work when the best of the light is available although the sun is hanging on a wee bit longer these days, it would seem. Thanks for the idea about using different bulbs in my sewing space fixture – that would help a lot, I think.

    1. It makes a huge difference to my sewing enjoyment to have the daylight bulbs too. Mine are the 4 foot long ones, but I recently put compact fluorescent daylights in our bedroom too and they’re so much better than the old ones.

  7. Cerise is all the rage these days! I love that rain droppy print in Sunnyside, so clever. Thanks for linking up!

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