Looking forward to 2014

I have never been one for making a big deal of the change to a new year, but I have been reading other predictions for 2014 and that has got me thinking about what I want out of my hobby and sanity-saver.  This year I did a lot more sewing, made some beautiful things, made some mistakes, and made some friends (bee blocks I made are below). 
Simply Solids Bee blocks 2013
Definitely I had a tendency to overcommit myself, so most of my focus will be on making more sensible decisions.  I also want to try and give back more by sharing my process, and hopefully a couple of tutorials, with the online community. And of course a few giveaways *wink*.

Specific Thoughts
-one or two blog hops (starting with Wake Up to Kona, I will be sharing my project and some paper-piecing tips on January 17)
-no more quilt-alongs until I finish my current quilts. I have fabric set aside for specific projects, then I steal from it for other projects, which is not helpful, plus the time to complete those other projects disappears.
-start the king size quilt for me (and finish, but at least start) using the Cathedral Square pattern.
-one or two swaps, they’re a lot of fun, but no more than that
-make more clothes for my daughter, especially using some of the knits I’ve bought in the last two years
-no more buying quilt backing fabric until the top is at least 50% done
-try some patterns with precuts. I have been focusing on building a stash and deliberately avoiding to avoid much matchiness, but I need to practice the actual quilting so I need
to make tops faster
I’ve already committed to one bee (a stash busting fun bee with other Canadians) and the Sugar Block Club block-of-the-month.

I’m also thinking about how to support charitable causes with my sewing. For the current time, I will support in a minor way by donating blocks when I see a good cause, starting with the orphan block drive at Quilty Box. I have this green herringbone plus some scrap units to make into a full block and send.
Green Broken Herringbone MSBHQALAlso linking to Let’s Bee Social over at Sew Fresh Quilts, thanks for stopping by!
quilty box orphan drive

Sew Fresh Quilts


  1. Love your blocks, a Happy New Year to you

  2. Happy New Year, Lisa! I think blogging and making a list of goals for the new year is a wonderful idea. Helps us to focus in on what we really need to do next. Looking forward to seeing your ‘Wake Up to Kona’ project! I am in that hop too!

  3. I always set quilting goals for the year, but don’t seem to accomplish them. I usually start too many other projects during the year. I’m with you: gotta finish projects before I start more. Enjoy reading your blog.

  4. that green orphan block is stunning! I like your backing resolution – I always buy it up front and then something inevitably changes along the way with the project and I end up with too much or too little and having wasted money : P

    1. And the backing takes up way too much room on the shelf too.

  5. I love your green herringbone, I think it’s beautiful. All your blocks are stunning and I see a great interest in trying different techniques. I find it difficult sticking to one thing but this year I’m really going try harder!

    1. Trying new things and learning new skills is almost more important to me than the finished project. The bee was marvelous because it pushed me to try blocks I otherwise would not have done.

  6. “sanity-saver” –Love that! I think we all need one of those! 🙂 Lovely quilt blocks! I look forward to see what 2014 will bring! Happy New Year!

  7. Love your use of solids, and the way you space things!

    1. Thanks, using only solids was a great challenge and I have a nice little stash of them now.

  8. Great goals! Happy sewing!

  9. I sent a whole whack of blocks to that orphan block drive too. It felt good to get rid of them and I’m glad they went to a good cause.

  10. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on 2014, Lisa. Didn’t know about the orphan block drive. How cool!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my “just thinking” post. I really do love teaching online classes, so it’s incredibly affirming to hear that its working well for my readers.

  11. […] also offering a holiday sale. I’m not sure what I will make with this, but it fits in with my 2014 resolution to use precuts to accelerate my quilt making. Plus a few pretties from Fabric Spot–backing […]

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