Presents for Me – Sunday Stash

I’m halfway through my Christmas vacation and ready for my vacation to start. Despite having the in-laws all week, I dedicated some time to me in my sewing room and have almost finished my Christmas quilt (it’s still Christmas until I take the tree down, right?)–just the binding to finish.

It warmed up enough last night and today for most of the ice come off the trees, and noisily slide off the roof, now rain tomorrow until a return to “it’s so cold my eyelashes are frozen”–perfect for snuggling under a quilt.

So along those lines, I made sure to pick up some more quilty books for my library. I have said it before, I like books, e-books are just not the same. Even with novels, I miss the weight of the book in my hand, and the sensory feedback of being almost to the end, and staying up just a little too late to finish that last chapter.
I definitely will be making a quilt from the Simply Retro book. I already have the fabric I want to use, fat quarters from Dowry by Anna Maria Horner, which I won from Anne at Play-Crafts during the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop in November. I will be adding other stash fabric in similar tones. And, just in case, I ordered more AMH fabric during the year-end sales.
dowry fq
I pre-ordered Vintage Quilt Revival from Indigo Books, but was happy to receive these both on Christmas Eve (in separate packages, I got my money’s worth from the free-shipping-with-minimum-order).

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  1. Both those books are great! Enjoy snuggling

  2. Love me some AMH. Nice stashing! I was thinking about getting Vintage Quilt Revival too.

    1. Oh I think it’s worth the money, in addition to the fun blocks, it has some great sections about things like quilt history and color theory, it will be a great reference.

  3. Lucky girl, a great bundle of fabrics to win.

    1. It was a very happy mail day when I received them.

  4. Jennifer @ Glinda Quilts · ·

    Definitely still Christmas until the tree comes down πŸ™‚
    Lovely fabrics and two great books too – I love Christmas πŸ™‚

  5. I’m intrigued to see Camille Roskelley’s book – I’ve got it on hold at the library, I’m fortunately not too far down the queue! I have one of her classes on Craftsy, which I’ve watched a fair bit of (though not made plans to make anything just yet – I’m thinking about Swoon, which is one of the projects, but maybe just a single block, rather than the whole big shebang), and I really like her style, though I’m not entirely sure where it intersects with my own. Anyway, gifts for oneself are sometimes the awesomest to get – you always know that you really want it πŸ˜€

    1. Last year I was mostly stashing fabric and learning my own style, this year I want to try working with precuts more. The patterns in the book are a good variety, and I think I will be able to take those which appeal to me and put my own spin on them.

  6. Merry Christmas indeed! Enjoy – I love her Craftsy classes.

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