A Creativ Day Out (Sunday Stash)

I would love to go to a fun, modern retreat, like Sew South. But practically, I looked at the cost and complexity of traveling to North Carolina (I just can imagine going through US Customs at the airport with a sewing machine! but otherwise it’s a 14-hour drive), and decided to stay home.  But I did sign up for a class at the Creativ Festival in Toronto on October 26.

So yesterday I had a day out, for a cost of less than $100, and I can spend the $600 I saved by not going to Sew South on fabric. I took “Maximizing Decorative Stitching”, which was creative and improvisational and very different from what I usually do. My project isn’t finished, so I’ll post more once I’ve finished it.


I took the GO train from Ajax; how cool is this parking garage with a sensor over every spot? I entertained myself by picking out the other riders going to the Creativ Festival by their handmade tote bags and comfortable walking shoes.


Top: Journeys (Free Spirit); Left to right: Garden (Free Spirit), Novella (Valori Wells for Free Spirit), no selvedge on the pink, Wrenly (Valori Wells)

Fortunately I didn’t spend that much. I did pick up some good deals on colours I felt my stash was missing (love the colour-matched ribbons on these half and full yards!), and some other notions and things. I also met up with Sherri from Thread Riding Hood for a fun 10-minute gab about life, sewing, and blogging.

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  1. It is always great to add to the stash without spending too much money. My husband would love me to find a way to do that 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Sunday Stash this week.

  2. I love the parking lot and Go Train entertainment! Hee Hee! I’m so glad we could meet up – thanks!

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