Hand Quilting

hand quilting my butterfly

I love hand quilting. I find it meditative and soothing. I’m not fond of planning or marking, I almost freeze at the thought of planning out a whole quilt. Hand quilting slows me down, I can let the stitches evolve and flow.

Now, I have marked out hand quilting in the past, but my favourites are definitely the wriggly stippling and free-form stitches which simply accent the piecing.

I had these blocks made by my bee-mates in the Simply Solids bee, an all-Canadian group. But then I struggled with how to put them together, until I decided to sash each block separately (they’re 10″, so about 14″ sashed) and use them as a take-along project. The block at the top of the page is my first one–I sketched out various patterns and decided to use a feather pattern on the wings and loose stippling in the border areas.

Well, I wasn’t such a huge fan of the result, so for the next ones I’m using an individual feather in each wing section. I probably won’t rip out the first one; this quilt is for me, and I still like the way the block is quilted.

Modern Butterfly - hand quilting

Of course, occasionally hand quilting can lead to minor injuries–usually the blood stains come out. My stitches aren’t all the same length–that’s okay. Each block has 3 little butterflies and some flight path loops and wiggles around the main butterfly.

hand quilting #2 butterfly detail

Have you ever hand quilted? If you haven’t, you should try it like this, as quilt as you go–it’s so much more satisfying to finish each block.


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  1. Very nice! You have more patience than I do for sure!

    1. I’ve mostly been doing this quilting at swimming lessons, and sitting in the backyard, and at the doctor’s office…times when I have to sit and wait anyway!

  2. This is such a cute piece!

    1. I’m loving the process and the effect. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow, this is such a cool post! I’ve only done a tiny amount of hand quilting and always straight line. I love both designs but the separate feathers in each section look really cool šŸ™‚ thanks so much for linking up!!

    1. I really feel a connection to how quilting was done 100-150 years ago with this, and it’s such a nice contrast to the modern flavour of the design.

  4. I do so admire your hand quilting, Lisa. Funny that you were not happy with the feathering on the first block… I love it! I did notice that little quilted butterfly in the bottom right of the first block too and thought that was quite clever. You are doing a beautiful job!

    1. It just wasn’t the effect I was looking for, but I do like it too. Thanks for such a nice comment!

  5. That is pretty! I only hand stitch little bit here and there but not really hand quilting. It looks lovely and I might try some one day.

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