Thrifted Sunday Stash – August 18

I really wanted to get my daughter some new shoes, and after a successful stop at the shoe store in downtown Cobourg, we took a quick (because she’s only 3 1/2, after all) spin through the thrift shop called Beyond the Blue Box.  (Here in Ontario, our curb recycling boxes are blue, but of course it’s nice to have a place to send items which are still usable.)

And very successful it was!  For the grand total of 80 cents, I picked up a glass coffee mug for my daughter (a little easier to handle for her than a regular glass), two dress patterns, some quilting motif patterns, and a story book she selected.  I didn’t have time to look at the patterns in the store, so I was pleased to see that although the dresses had been used to make a size 4, the previous owner had very cleverly folded back the edges so that the pattern lines for up to size 8 are still available.  I’ll probably trace out the size 5 for mine, because although she is usually wearing a 4, she’s still got the toddler potbelly.


This was a terrific weekend, warm but not baking hot, but the nights are already getting cool. I picked 6 or so quarts of pears this week before the squirrels ate them all, they’re not very big this year but always tasty. So of course I had to make a pear torte from this Chatelaine recipe. I reduce the sugar to 3/4 cup. Great with coffee for breakfast.

Pear torte before baking

Pear torte before baking

No water lilies out this weekend, so here’s a picture of our koi and goldfish, including the 4 largest koi–2 white, gold, and red/black. Linking up to Sunday Stash with Ms. Midge.

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