Discussing Thread – Sunday Stash July 21

I see a lot of people raving about Aurifil thread–well, I haven’t tried it, so I can’t say whether it is fantastic or not.  I sew garments as well, so I’ve been rather lackadaisical and stayed with my reliable Gutermann sew-all thread (polyester).  I was into a local quilt shop on Friday morning (on my way to work, shhh), and asked what they had.  After a brief discussion, I picked up this spool of gray 100% cotton Mettler thread. I haven’t tried it yet.

She recommended I use it for piecing as well as quilting.  Apparently, because polyester is stronger and less flexible than cotton, it will cause your quilt to wear out faster. What thread do you use? Any thread you absolutely hate?

Kona Iron, Asparagus

Kona Iron, Asparagus

They also have a small selection of Kona solids at a fairly good price of $8.49/m so I picked up a metre of Iron and a half-metre of Asparagus.  They don’t have many modern fabrics, so the Konas tend to be the softer colours.

Finally, here’s an older member of my stash.  I’m currently making a couple of bucket hats for my daughter, although I picked up this copy of Oliver + S Little Things to Sew originally for the toddler backpack, which turned out fairly well.  I think the patterns are good, although some of the construction methods require a lot of hand sewing.


Thanks for stopping by, and hop over to visit Kristy at Quiet Play for the Sunday Stash tour.  Note that I’ll be hosting in November (squee!), and since it’s the weekend, another gratuitous water lily shot (love this one!–you can also see the reflection of my husband busily cutting up the branches which fell in the big storm on Friday night).



  1. Hi Lisa,

    Like you I sewed clothes before I quilted and I’m less fussed about thread than many quilters are. I too use the polyester thread for many things including piecing and quilting though I use some fancier threads for quilting sometimes and I’ve just started using a special thread in the bobbin for applique as somehow it makes the whole finish much neater.

    My theory is that if we all make everything out of the highest quality and durability of everything then the historians and restorers of the future will not have anything to do. Also, I’d rather most of my quilts were loved to tatters than last forever.

    Happy stitching,

  2. I haven’t tried Aurifil either – though some day I will, just to see what the fuss is all about 😉

    Love the waterlily pic – just gorgeous!

  3. I read online somewhere that the polyester versus cotton thread ( damaging the fabric) is a myth. It has to do with the coating, apparently. Some cottons can be stronger than polyester this website said. I use Gutermann polyester threads because those are more available over here. I also use Amann threads ( also polyester) with various results. Love the thinner thread on the 1000m spools of theirs for quilting, the regular thread fluffs a lot. The Gutermann thread ( regular ) does not fluff while quilting.

    1. Thank you very much-that’s a great counterpoint. I shall have to do some more research on cotton versus polyester. Yes, one reason that I typically use Gutermann is because my machine likes it.

  4. I love Aurifil! I used to use Guttermann (usually 100% cotton) but then I tried a spool or Aurifil and haven’t looked back. I have heaps of spools of Guttermann just waiting to be used LOL

    1. I really want to try some Aurifil, but it will have to wait until I have an online order at a shop that carries it. Or I win some. Or Aurifil randomly decides to send me some 🙂 (hey, you never know).

  5. Hi Lisa, I use Gutermann polyester thread for it all. It is what is most available in my area (Huron and Perth Counties, Ontario) I have not seen Aurifil in real life. I don’t prefer to use cotton thread. Tried it, but it is not as strong as Polyester when you have to tie and bury knots on quilting it can drive you nuts. And it is very linty.

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