Imperfectly Zakka

I’very been reading along with the Zakka 2.0 sew-along hosted by Lindsey at LRStitched and Deb at A Quilter’s Table.  The project which appealed most to me was the Diamond Patchwork placemats in Patchwork Please!, and I was thrilled to recently win a gift certificate to Knotted Thread which allowed me to purchase some Honey Honey.

Breakfast - yogurt smoothie and coffee

I’m happy with it, although I had some construction difficulties.  I pieced the diamonds freehand, which resulted in my strips being 12-5/8″ instead if 12″ long, with smaller seam allowances.  I added a layer of white flannel (an old crib sheet) for some extra absorbency.  I used this decorative stitch on my machine rather than rick rack, but it’s a little uneven.

Decorative stitching

Breakfast yesterday was a yogurt smoothie–blend 1/2 cup yogurt with 1/2 banana and fresh or frozen fruit, add milk to thin and sugar or liquid honey to taste.

Diamond Patchwork placemat

Finally a gratuitous shot of my water lily in the backyard pond–usually closed due to shade by the time we arrive home on weekdays.

Water Lily July 6

Linking up to Zakka 2.0 with Lindsey.

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  1. I think your placemat is lovely. Kate Spain fabrics are always so nice.

    1. I forgot to say that I am pleased with it–it’s bright and pretty and makes me happy, which is all that’s really important.

  2. I love your placement. And the water lily!

    1. I’ve got 2 more buds coming out, I hope the first one is still flowering…come back on the weekend to see!

  3. Love that you used a decorative stitch – very nice!! And I think you placemat is just darling with the Honey, Honey – delightful. Glad you put in the gratuitous shot – just beautiful! And thanks for linking up to Tuesday at the Table!!

  4. Great placemat! I also had a look back, and love the butterflies you’ve done.

  5. Very nice – despite your not thinking it is perfect! Love the fabrics – and what a good use for old crib sheets. I’ve got a few of those stashed away for something someday too! Thanks.

    1. What I’m trying to say is that it’s okay to be imperfect–I find great joy in being creative.

  6. I love the colors of the fabric that you chose for your placemat. The flowers on the fabric make is seem very peaceful and relaxing.

  7. I love the decorative stitch and flannel is a great idea!

    1. The flannel gives some extra body without the bulk of batting. I’ll see tomorrow how it washes…

  8. The placemat is very pretty. Honey Honey is a great line.

  9. Pretty! I like the way you quilted it.

  10. I love the decorative stitch detail, so unique.

    1. I have so many stitches on my machine and rarely use them, I felt it was appropriate. Thanks for stopping by!

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