A Front Garden View

I hope it’s just as nice wherever you are–it’s definitely not sewing weather here.  I spent a lovely evening in the garden tonight.  Recently, Cecilia from thekitchensgarden posted her back door view and suggested her readers do the same. You can see mine here.

Continuing along this theme, I thought you would like to see my front garden.  The house faces east, with more garden south of the driveway, while the backyard is quite shady from the neighbouring black walnuts, therefore the front is where most of my vegetables and sun-loving plants hang out.  The soil is very sandy, so grass was a failure–hence, no grass!


Tonight I also put down the rest of my cedar mulch.


Pulled weeds and watered.


Squished asian lily bugs (these were hiding on the echinacea, thinking they would be safe).

Asian Lily bugs

Asian Lily bugs

Here’s hoping the weekend is just as beautiful.

Yellow Asian Lily

Yellow Asian Lily



  1. Your house is so gorgeous! I just love ‘the kitchens garden’. Enjoy your lovely yard

    1. Once I add a few more annuals, I’m hoping to minimize garden work–other than watering–for the rest of the summer. Thanks for stopping by!

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