Happy Canada Day! and bloglovin’

I’m going to be off doing this: Can you see me?

Thank you all for visiting, and I hope you come back often.  I’ve been trying to make it easier for you.  If you look over at the sidebar there, you’ll see I made buttons for flickr, Pinterest, and bloglovin for you. Honestly, I wasn’t going to bother with bloglovin, because I really didn’t want to sign up on yet another site, but it seems like most of the quilt/craft blog community is heading over there, so I’m just trying to help out.


You won’t find a facebook link here–I use my facebook for family stuff only.  I don’t use twitter or instagram–I don’t have a smartphone so I’m only online in the evenings/weekends. You may also have noted that I’ve been adding permanent pages so you can look up past work efficiently (top right).


I do have an Android tablet, and it has some really neat apps.  For the buttons, I wanted something unique and custom, so I used an app called Doodletext to create them, then cropped the images and uploaded them here.


Here’s my Bloglovin crosslink.

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