Sewing and Other things

I’ve been enjoying the wonderful June weather, but with so many other things to do, I haven’t been doing very much sewing.
The garden is growing..wait a minute, those are weeds! But some desirable plants too. I love having edibles in the garden that we can step outside and pick, when the squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and birds don’t beat us to it. The pear tree is laden, each pear about 1 inch diameter. We bought it at a big box store, and it’s a grafted tree. Because pears need to be cross-pollinated, the grafts on the tree (5 different varieties) allow that to happen.

The tomatoes are starting to fruit, the snap peas are at the eating stage, and the mulberries are just ripening.
I also went to the local u-pick and picked some strawberries tonight to make jam.

Now that you’re hungry, here’s the one sewing finish I did manage. My daughter helped pick out the fabrics for my niece, who’s 5. Yes, it wasn’t very hard to steer her to the Kate Spain fabrics, so sweet and lovely. This is the Ruby Lou doll pattern from Sew Much Ado.
Ruby Lou doll (a la Kate Spain)
Linking up to the Kate Spain blog hop at Blossom Heart Quilts and TGIFF, which is also hosted by Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts this week. (Click on the buttons to visit!)

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  1. The doll is adorable and yes you’ve made me hungry at 11:00 pm. 🙂

  2. Haha, yes, crazy day at my house today 😉 We’re growing tomatoes and we’ve just started picking them this week – it’s so wonderful to eat what we’ve grown!! And that doll! Oh so cute!!

    1. We’re hoping we can get our daughter to eat the tomatoes…she keeps saying she’s not old enough to like tomatoes…Ours will be ripe in about a month.

  3. Oh yeah Kate Spain is perfect for dolly clothes. I am a novice fruit tree farmer so any tips you have will be appreciated by me as I love your photos.

  4. You’ve inspired me to start planting … although it will be winter veg for us. Such a cute little doll. I tried making a softie doll a while ago ( – didn’t turn out as well as yours …

    1. Thanks! Its a good pattern, although I’ll do a few minor things different the next time.

  5. Cute doll. I like her face expression.

  6. Aw your little doll is adorable! I’m sure she’ll be treasured :o)

    1. My niece was very happy and my sister-in-law very impressed 🙂 .

  7. DeborahGun · ·

    Such a cute little doll 🙂

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