Simply Solids Progress – WIP Wednesday

This is a catch-up post for what I’ve been working on, especially for the Simply Solids Bee.

First up was May’s block, called Alberta Triangles. Some of the seams were a bit bulky, but it worked out fine in the end. I had cut one of the flying geese base squares too small, and had to redo it–which worked out well because I didn’t like the colour any more, so I changed colours. Down to the wire with this one, but not late.
Alberta Triangles from Ontario
June’s block (Katherine Wheel) I started right away once I received the kit. I’m hand appliquing the strips because I have more confidence in staying straight than with machine applique. However, I possibly should have thought about my thread selection before I picked fabrics, because I may have to buy matching thread for some of the strips.
Katherine Wheel
Then back to April, which was my month, with a pattern I designed myself. I’ve sashed and sandwiched some of the blocks in preparation for hand quilting. I’m looking forward to getting some fresh air while stitching away. My sewing room gets really hot in the summer, so I don’t get much machine time in. Along these lines, I was interested to see a new series hosted by Clover and Violet, called A Season by Hand. I’ll be stopping by to see the hints, and linking up at the end.
Butterfly family shot
Backs of basted blocks
Finally, the garden is going well. I actually have some flowers out–I always seem to have a challenge when the tulips finish but summer perennials are not out yet. I planted the rest of my tomatoes last weekend plus the canna lily bulbs (which I had almost forgotten about in their lonely cardboard box in the basement). I’ve also given you a shot of the developing mulberries.
Poppies and peoniesMulberry
Linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story.
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  1. I love your solids blocks. And the butterfly blocks are really cute!

  2. Hi Lisa. Your blocks look lovely. Good on you for doing the Catherine wheel. Can’t even bring myself to try……

    1. The piecing isn’t too difficult, but the applique is a real challenge. I think it’s great being challenged by new techniques.

  3. Oh I must try those butterflies sometime in the future! I didn’t know anything about Quilt Assistant. I have it bookmarked for later use. thank you!! Your colors are phenomenal and I hope you are able to get some hand stitching done away from the heat:)

    1. I’m really pleased with how the butterfly pattern turned out and I would love to see your creation if you use it. Thanks for visiting!

  4. I love those butterflies!! Great job on them.

  5. Love your butterflies – they are looking very sweet!

  6. Love the butterflies, the Katherine Wheel block looks really difficult!

  7. nohatsinthehouse · ·

    Those butterflies are so much fun! A beautiful first (!) pattern I have to say!

    1. The design process was a good learning experience, I am really happy with them.

  8. I love all the solids! My favorite is the first block, I like that pattern a lot!

    I am stopping by from the WIP post, hop by if you get a chance!

  9. All of your solid blocks look amazing, especially the katherine wheel, I’ve not seen that block before. I like your butterlies, they’re so pretty. :o)

    1. The Katherine Wheel is the most challenging so far in this bee. Every block has had different techniques, so it is a good stretch for my sewing skills.

  10. The Sassy Quilter · ·

    I have never done that much with just solids, but am loving seeing what everyone in this bee is doing(how many words in one sentence can end in -ing???). And I have never seen a mulberry, but I hear they are delicious:) Thanks for the pics.

    1. The mulberries are delicious, therefore most of them get eaten by the birds, but we do manage to snack on a few.

  11. Love your blocks – the butterflies look beautiful in the solids!

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