Garden Update for May 27 and a Back Door View

May flowers are shining their little faces everywhere in my garden these days.  We’ve had a few cold nights so I’ve been cautious with putting out my tomato plants, although I put in 5 yesterday, and held back more for later in the week.  Here is a picture of my daughter and husband snapping off tulip seedheads under the mountain ash and the first tomato plants will go in behind them along the fence.



For lovely Cecilia over at thekitchensgarden, I have taken a shot of our multipurpose backyard.  I hope you will visit her as well to see the enchanting back door views from her other followers around the world.

The trees behind the back fence are black walnuts, so our backyard is too shady and dry for many vegetables.  The small garden in the foreground is where I keep herbs–lavender, thyme, oregano, chives, basil, cilantro.  You can also see the slatted wood compost piles on the far side.  The garden pond is an ongoing project, and we are waiting for a replacement filter housing, therefore the waterfall is not working yet.  We love to sit on our bench and let the babble of the water suppress the urban noise.  Port Hope (Ontario) is only about 8,000 people, but we do get the train whistles and highway truck noises, as well as sounds from nearby construction projects, wafting over the fence.


I was watching this busy bee in the redbud tree last weekend.  The garden also attracts numerous birds such as cardinals, robins, grackles, mourning doves, and chickadees.  I could do without the crows and the occasional heron, who go after our fish.

IMGP2138 IMGP2136

Finally here is a shot (on a very windy day) of my Queen of the Night tulips in the front yard.  I thought they had disappeared, but this year I have quite a few.  Perhaps the bone meal I put down spring and fall.


And on a quilty note, make sure you return to the Bloggers Quilt Festival this week and vote for your favourite quilt in each category.  Mine is in the baby quilt category, #54.



  1. Your garden looks delightful! Those almost black tulips are gorgeous. Enjoy puttering outside. I put in my tomatoes and so far so good ; )

    1. I think it will stay warm enough, now, for my tomatoes. The weeds seem to do okay 🙂 .

  2. I love your Queen of the Night tulips. Congratulations on using your garden to the fullest, with flowers and water feature, composting, lawn, lots of toys. It looks like a fun family backyard like we used to have when our children were small. Thank you Joy

    1. It is an old-fashioned type of gardening. Sometimes more challenging because I have to find room for tomatoes between the fading tulips, but it gives us a lot of enjoyment.

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