Garden Update for May 8

The flowers have been exploding from the soil, spreading their petal faces to the warm sun.  At first it seems that progress is infinitesimal, then suddenly every time I return to the garden I see a new plant in leaf or blossom.IMGP1988


grape hyacinths

I planted almost 500 tulip bulbs last year.  It sounds extreme, but our lot is almost 80 ft across the front, and there is about 24 ft between the house and the sidewalk, which is all garden.  No grass at all, although there are paths and the driveway.  So I need a lot of tulips.  The final batch was planted in a miserable rain storm, but they are joyful and bright now.

The photo of the naked weeping mulberry is especially for Cecilia at thekitchensgarden. I learned how to prune it from YouTube.  It does bear fruit, which we eat immediately, juice squirting between our teeth.  It grows down to the ground, so I will trim it again later in the summer.


I’ve transplanted tomatoes into larger pots and moved some into the plastic greenhouse.  I’ll plant them the weekend of May 25.  I’ve got marigold flowers and cucumber plants in pots, waiting for that last frost before setting out.  I do enjoy working in the garden, but it cuts into sewing time.


Some amorous American toads have moved into the backyard pond–there’s at least 2 males, so I hope they attract female companions, and that the fish don’t eat all the tadpoles.  I tried to record their trilling songs for you, but it wasn’t picking up properly.  It is marvellous.




  1. Oh you have done a lovely job of pruning that one, it has a lovely open shape and thank you so much for the shout out! I do love these little trees.. Do you prune it each autumn? We have toads in our garden too .. big brown warty looking ones, i just love them! c

    1. I do the main pruning job in late February. We’re zone 5/6, so that’s still winter. I always feel so sorry for it afterwards, but it grows right back.

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