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Welcome to old and new friends!  I’m really excited to be participating in my first Sew,Mama,Sew! giveaway day.  SMS was the first site I read regularly, when I started reading sewing and quilting blogs, and the first site from which I won a prize for commenting.  I even started a quilt-along with them in 2011 — go here to see the status of what I am making.

From the SMS blog’s selection of tutorials and patterns, I have made the Amy Butler Blossom bag offered as a free download, and have started the Sew Serendipity lunch bucket bag, which is still in many pieces. And yes, that is our backyard, and I will be sharing more garden photos on this blog.

LiPH, Exterior Amy Butler Blossom

Amy Butler Blossom Bag

One of the reasons I started this blog back in March of this year was to give back and join in with the other marvelous people in the creative community on the web. Please take a read through some of my previous posts to see what I’ve been up to in the past two months, and I hope you will come back again, whether you bookmark me or follow me in your favourite reader.  I think you’ll especially like what I have to show for the “Say it With Flowers” blog hop with Sew We Quilt during the last week of May.

As much as I would love to make something special for you, I have far too many projects in progress.  Therefore, I have dug into my stash for some fabric which should be loved more than it is, and added a 7″ zipper (new) and three vintage buttons from my grandmother’s button box. It’s funny, because I never saw her sewing (just knitting), but my mom had her old Singer cabinet sewing machine, leftover fabric, and two huge containers of buttons.  Here’s a picture of me and my sister with our Nana.

1/2 yd Summersville Scandi Leaf, 1/2 yd Kona Peacock, zipper, buttons

1/2 yd Summersville Scandi Leaf, 1/2 yd Kona Peacock, zipper, buttons

To win, leave me a comment with a memory about something you learned (sewing-related or not) from your grandmother or other mentor, and I will use a random number generator to pick the winner.  Comments that do not answer this question will not be eligible. I will ship internationally but with no tracking or insurance.

Comments will close on May 10 at 8 pm EDT.  Click on the button to go back to Sew,Mama,Sew! and see more fabulous bloggers.
Comments are now closed. The winner is #213, Ashley–congratulations and enjoy!




  1. Susan M · ·

    My grandmother may have sewn but her real love was the outdoors – she taught us bird calls, how to tell a tree from the leaves and bark, and how to enjoy just being outdoors.

  2. My grandmother was the best baker and taught my sisters and I a lot of her recipes and tips and hints.

  3. My grandmother taught me how to appreciate soap operas! I don’t watch them anymore, but whenever I hear the phrase “General Hospital” it brings back a lot of sweet memories of discussing the plots with her. Thanks for this delightful giveaway! I love blue!

  4. My mom taught me how to sew and my love for it and sadly I lost her this year. Thank you for doing a giveaway.

  5. Carla G · ·

    My grandma taught me to knit & crochet way back when I was a young teenager. Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  6. I learned to bake the greatest cheese rolls from my grandmother (and how to collect eggs from hens 🙂

  7. My aunt taught me how to sew — how to thread up the machine, I knew nothing — and I taught her to quilt! Thanks so much for the chance. I love Summersville and Kona.

  8. Jane B · ·

    My grandma was an expert embroiderer and she got me started stitching at about age 5 with a printed cross stitch pattern. We sat side by side and she patiently taught me. She also had a button box that my mom still has.

  9. Michelle · ·

    I learned to measure twice and cut once.

  10. I don’t remember my grandma very well, but she showed me hoe to make paper boats out of newspaper when I was very small

  11. Susan Mitchell · ·

    My grandmother doesn’t live close to me but I remember one of the times we visited her seeing her HUGE quilt frame set up in the her what would have been a dining room. I thought she was crazy. It was huge AND she is a hand quilter.

    Apparently I turned out crazy too and have a quilt frame (although not nearly as large) and I sew in what should be the dining room!

  12. My Grandpa: “Just do it” [bad translation on my part] It was one of his favourite phrases whenever I started thinking out loud if I was able to do something, if I knew everything or took too much time deciding which branch to cut of a tree … it was always said in a don’t worry don’t fuss too much way

  13. My grandma was the one who taught me to sew! She usually used a machine, but made sure all her kids and grandkids (a total of seven girls) knew how to sew by hand. 🙂

  14. My lovely nan showed me how to knit a {really long} scarf for my barbie doll when i was little, i don’t remember how to do it now though! Thanks for the chance :o)

  15. Can’t wait to see what you make for “Say it with Flowers”, my fondest Grandmother memory is that she always told us to live life and then we would eat ice cream for breakfast with fresh picked or jarred fruit.

  16. Rebeckah · ·

    The first thing I remember sewing was a yellow paper napkin onto my Teresa Barbie doll as a dress. I must have been very young.

  17. No one in my family sews! But I had a fabulous teacher that helped me tremendously (Alexia Abegg)

  18. I remember watching my grandma and my mom sew many different items, from doll clothes to quilts and household items. Taking up sewing has been a way for me to reconnect with them and my past in one small way.

  19. I would consider my Mom to be my aesthetic mentor and I can remember at a very early age how she would make sure everything had a place and everything was very organized but decorated at the same time. It had such an impact on my aesthetic in the thigns I make and the things I buy.

  20. I learned from my MIL that it’s not only good, it is important to reach back and include the previous generation, when teaching skills to our children. My MIL taught my daughter how to quilt when my daughter was 12 maybe. No one had to wait for me to get up to speed to make that happen. Years later I may surpass my daughter’s skills but only because I now have the time to pursue it. Hopefully I will be able to pass what I learn on to my grandchildren when their mothers have their hands full. We don’t have to do it all by ourselves, and we probably shouldn’t try.

  21. Diann Cornell · ·

    My mother taught me to use the sewing machine and also to embroider.

  22. Brenda hulsey · ·

    Although my grandma was a quilter she died before she could teach me. She did inspire a love of flowers in me though! I always think of Grandma when ever I’m quilting though and hope she knows I continue her 2 loves!

  23. Sigrid · ·

    My grandmother taught me how to sew on a button.

  24. My grandmother or “Oma” as I call her, taught me how to oil paint. 🙂 My favorite painting I did is now in my daughter’s room, it is a horse. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. My grandmother died when I was 4, but she had passed on her love of knitting and sewing to my mom, who passed them on to me. I am now teaching my daughter and continuing the cycle. Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. cnuland · ·

    My mother and aunt tried to teach me to sew when I was 11-12 years old. Every time I sat down at the sewing machine I jammed the bobbin. I was jinxed 🙂 Gave it up for 20+ years before really trying to learn again.

  27. Nicola · ·

    My granny is still alive, but my two strongest sewing memories from when I was little was a)her making school panties for me and my sister (I live in SA and had to wear a uniform to school. We were meant to wear plain navy blue or green panties/knickers under our dresses, since, you know, little girls and dresses!) and matching jerseys she knitted for my sister and I. Each had a white cat sitting on a dark blue band at the bottom. My sisters was pale blue and mine was red. So cute when I see photos of us matching.

  28. my grandma taught me how to make buck eye balls…such a delicacy!

  29. Unfortunately, I never knew either of my grandmothers. Something I learned from my mom was just picking up the quilting bug by watching her cut out squares of fabric from some of my old dresses and my dad’s shirts. She used a cardboard 3″ square and scissors. I think I love to quilt today because of her.

  30. Renee G · ·

    My grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet.

  31. My grandmother taught me to tat.
    She was always crafting and I inherited some of her stash.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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