Port Hope Floats!

We interrupt this blog to bring you some good clean fun from Saturday’s Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny Race here in Port Hope.

People in canoes, kayaks, and crazy craft annually brave the icy waters of the Ganaraska River (I’m not kidding, there’s still snow around and it’s below zero at night) to commemorate the last time the river flooded over its banks, in 1980.  Rivers do that, you know, but it can be quite inconvenient when it happens in the middle of downtown.

This is close to our house, but it was quite a different sight than usual, with over 1000 people watching the spectacle.

Watching the race

Watching the race

This was the first crazy craft to the finish line.

crazy first

First crazy craft

And these ladies seemed to be having a fine time.
You can see more photos at the website of the local paper, Northumberland Today.


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  1. How funny! It seems odd to see cold weather like that when it is 85 degrees here today. 🙂

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