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We’ve been enjoying hearing all the songs my daughter is learning at her Montessori school.  They have been preparing for a spring concert this month, so of course she sings them at home or while driving with us in the car.  When she told me that she was going to be a ladybug, I asked the teacher about costumes…to (somewhat thankfully) find out that they had everything they needed except some flowers.

So of course I volunteered.  After a day or so of thinking, I decided to make simple hoods–easy to fit different kids and not interfering with vision or actions.  And I also thought it would be nice to share with you how I came up with the pattern.

The first thing I did of course is look at Pinterest.  I only recently joined, so I’m just learning…but I found a few ideas.  Then I pulled out an old Hallowe’en costume pattern (for a cat, bear, rabbit, or bat).  If you don’t have an existing hood pattern, you’ll have to draft your own–try tracing out a hood from a sweater.

McCalls Halloween pattern

McCall’s 3884 Halloween pattern

I slashed the pattern where I wanted the flower petals to sit (then taped it back together later because I needed it for the lining) and also folded over the dart that the original pattern used for the ears, since I wouldn’t need it.  I added seam allowances and cut out a front hood and side hood.  I did the same to divide the center back piece, so that I could cut the back out of green and the front out of the light pink.


I then drafted a flower petal and cut out four pairs from the dark pink.  You’ll notice that two pairs have a slight curve on the bottom, I realized after making the first hood I needed the extra curve around the top of the head.


The fabric I used for the hood is broadcloth, fairly lightweight, so I interfaced with a light-medium fusible.  I used a medium-heavy fusible on the petals, which are a cotton-poly poplin, to ensure they would stand up.  This was all stash fabric–the green is probably at least 15 years old, which I had bought for making a muslin for a dress.

All hood pieces

All hood pieces

I cut lining pieces (using the original pattern pieces) out of a beige knit .  I thought it would be very comfortable to wear although I knew it would be a bit tricky to work with when it came time to sew the hood to the lining.

I’ll show you how I sewed the pieces together in my next post (once I’ve actually done it, LOL)!
Part 2 is here.

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  1. I can’t wait to see them!

  2. Those bunnies are particulrly cute!

  3. Can’t wait to see the hoods! Our sewing projects are so varied!

  4. […] Part 1 of this tutorial shows you how I planned and cut out the fabric pieces. Now I’ll share how I sewed it together. […]

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