Signs of Spring in Port Hope

As the days grow longer and the weather becomes somewhat warmer (not that 5 ˚C is warm, but it’s better than zero), we search eagerly for signs of spring.
Tomato seeds are planted. I bought my seeds from Terra Edibles, in Foxboro, Ontario. They are heritage, grown in small plots, and organic–mostly because I like the flavour and variety of the heritage types. This year I selected Black Krim, Rose de Berne, Earl of Edgecombe, Old Brook, and Gourmet Mix (cherry type).

And the garden is inspected for spring flowers. Snowdrops
And incipient daffodils



  1. The tips of my tulips just shown above ground these days, it is going to take a while to bloom! I recently also started some seed planting indoor.

    1. It seems to take so long for them to flower, doesn’t it? But definitely worth the wait.

    2. They do take some time to flower normally according to the temperature. I already started to fertilize them for larger blooms and this way flowers will last longer. 🙂

  2. Your snowdrops are so pretty!
    Love those heirloom tomatoes! Black Krim may be my very favorite tomato – the flavor is incredible. I also tried Rose de Berne one year, but either my soil was not good or the Houston area weather was not good for it. 😉 This year, because we don’t have much room (landscaping was already established) I bought 4 plants at Home Depot and stuck them in the ground where we had dug up some tired old rose bushes. Amazingly, they are flourishing and healthier and bushier than any plants I’ve ever grown. We will see if they produce.

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